Third atoD showdown announced

General Gosu “GosuGamers” Gamers

Third edition of the atoD showdown will take place early April with 12 teams selected from the European and the American region. These will be placed in two groups respectively.

The format for the groupstage will be announced in a few days, whereas the main tournament is scheduled to start on April 8. The top two teams from each group will battle it out in a single elimination playoffs bracket. All matches will be in Bo1 format except the finals, which will be a Bo3.

atoD is a reverse-captain mode based tournament in which the captains of both teams picks heroes for the other team.

The tournament prize money of $1500 has been generously donated by avid Dota fan 'Gandalf' ($1000) and Peter 'HamSandwich' Congdon ($500).

The two groups are as follows:

Group Americas:
United States Eosin+4
United States Fnatic.NA
United States Inphinity
Brazil Nex Impetus

Group Europe:
Sweden No Tidehunter
Sweden 4FC
Germany Mousesports
Russia iCCup
Russia The Retry

Games for Group Americas will be cast by NeoDota casters while Group Europe will be covered by Toby 'TobiWan' Dawson.