Playoffs for RaidCall D2L set

General Gosu “GosuGamers” Gamers

Empire, Team Liquid, Team Dignitas and Fnatic.EU have advanced through to the next stage of the Raidcall Dota 2 League. The teams will go through a double-elimination and best-of-3 bracket, with the winning teams walking away with the $5,000 prize money. Games are due to take place on April 9th and 10th.

While there are still three games to be played, all four teams have gathered enough points to advance in the tournament. The ranks of early stages of the tournament are now set in place. All of Empire, Team Liquid, Team Dignitas and Fnatic.EU are definitely advancing to the play-offs, and we have a firm schedule for the games that they will play.

Tuesday - April 9th
12:30PM EDT - D2L Finals Day 1 Pre-show
1:00PM EDT - Empire vs. Team Liquid
4:00PM EDT - Dignitas vs. Fnatic
7:00PM EDT - Loser’s Bracket Round 1

Wednesday - April 10th
12:30PM EDT - D2L Finals Day 2 Pre-show
1:00PM EDT - Winner’s Bracket Finals
3:00PM EDT - Loser’s Bracket Finals
6:00PM EDT - Grand Finals

The matches will be streamed live on OneMoreGame.Tv and casted by Ayesee and Draskyl. Additionally Merlini will be joining Ayesee as a guest commentator for the first match, Empire vs. Team Liquid. Versuta will be providing a Russian cast of the games.

Raidcall D2L prizes
1st place$5,000
2nd place$3,000
3rd place$2,000

Check link for brackets, and VODs