Meracle: I thought of Rapier but Clockwerk had Blademail

General Eric “reinnnn” Khor

17 years old, Galvin 'Meracle' Kang, hard carry player for First Departure, is a Singaporean Dota 2 prodigy who has received a lot of attention the last few months. In the light of their recent loss to Zenith in the qualifiers of G-1 League, Gosugamers caught up with Meracle in regards to his ventures into gaming and what he thinks his team could have done better against Zenith.

Let’s talk about your games against Zenith yesterday. The first game was really close. What do you think was the main factor causing you guys to lose such a close game? What do you think the team could have done better in the game?

I guess we should've forced in much earlier when we had the Aegis. Aside from that, I believe we should've played much more aggressively as all of us were saving buy-outs even though we were on the offensive. Zenith's decision making and the way they play are amazing. But yeah, we should've pushed much earlier rather than bringing it to late-game after they got like five Scythe of Vyse up.

I noticed that the Timbersaw in the last battle stayed alive for a long time on 50hp before going down. Was there a miscommunication there because he did a significant amount of damage before dying.

The whole fight was extremely messy and there were a lot of spells being thrown out. Cogs, EMP, Cyclone and many other things. We were quite lost during that fight.

The casters from BeyondTheSummit definitely thought you could have opted for the Divine Rapier since it was all or nothing for FD in game two. Why did you go for Satanic instead?

I had that thought in mind, but Iceiceice's Clockwerk had Blademail which made me think that Satanic would've been a greater choice of item before getting the Divine Rapier. However, the game did not last that long (Laughs).

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