The second season of RC D2L is about to start!

General Ilya “ingik” Bogatirev
A couple of weeks ago we had a chance to watch the playoffs of the Raidcall Dota 2 League. There were some great games and we can easily say that the first season of that league went quite well. So we can expect the next season to be even better.

There is some expansion from the last season format of the tournament: we have now 12 teams participating instead of 8. Team Empire will be defending their champion's title. Here is the list of teams:

Teams D2L Season 2:
Russia Team Empire
United States Evil Geniuses
Ukraine Natus Vincere
United States Team Dignitas
Germany mousesports
Europe Team fnatic
United States Complexity Gaming
Sweden Pulse Gaming
Europe We haz Azian
Europe dd.Dota
Europe Mortal Teamwork
Sweden No Tidehunter

Dates and prizepool are yet to be announced on official D2L site!

play.gosugamers - Season 1 Raidcall D2L regular season
play.gosugamers - Season 1 Raidcall D2L playoffs