The Defense returns with $20,000 season III

General Gosu “GosuGamers” Gamers

The Defense III
Invited Teams
Europe aL
Brazil CNB
United States coL
United States EG
Sweden evo
United States
Denmark GU
Russia iCCup
Europe Kaipi
Germany MYM
Europe mTw
Ukraine Na`Vi
Kazakhstan NEXT
Sweden nTh
Sweden PULSE
United States ROOT
France Shiba
United States dignitas
Russia Empire
Germany Zero
Germany uebelst
Russia VP
Europe WhA
Prize Fund
1st - $10,000
2nd - $5,000
3rd - $3,500
4th - $1,500
Slots: 512
Sign-ups start: Nov 12
Sign-ups close: Nov 25
Qualifier starts: Nov 26
Qualifying teams: 8
One of the most prestigious and highest-paid tournament formats has been announced to return as joinDOTA and ROCCAT lead The Defense into a third season. With a bigger pool of competing teams as well as the total prize fund being raised to $20,000, a tough winter is about to hit all warriors of the wood.

The Defense III will be the most competitive installment in the history of the series. Compared to its predecessor, 24 instead of 16 teams from Europe and America have been invited to play directly from the group stage. Find these teams in the coverage box to the right.

Everybody else can still be part of the event, however must surpass a 512-slot pool grid which will transform into a double elimination bracket and later even turn tripple elimination, by the time more challengers drop out. More information about the qualifier can be found in the link key.

ROCCAT and own3d raise the prize fund of the event to new heights as a staggering amount of $20,000 is to be fought for.

Reigning champions of The Defense are coL who can be seen again this time, followed by the disbanded Mousesports and Counter Logic Gaming.

Links - Tournament homepage - Register for The Defense III