Alienware BattleGround Tournament builds up to The Asia

General Mukul “zicomo” Shinde

The regional finals of the Alienware Battleground Tournament have concluded in India and Australia/New Zealand. The top team from each final will await the winners of the Malaysia/Singapore, Chinese and Japan regionals at The Asia, held in Malaysia from 8th to 9th December.

The five zones for the Alienware Battleground Tournament were Malaysia and Singapore (MYSG), Australia and New Zealand (ANZ), India, China and Japan. The regionals in Malaysia/Singapore is in its final phase. Each zone had an Elite and Open bracket, with the final regional phase holding a cash purse of $3,000 and the playoff slot at The Asia.

The tournament was divided into three phase - League Phase, Playoff Phase and lastly, the regional finals. In the League Phase, the top 32 teams from the Open bracket and the top 4 teams from the Elite bracket will advance into the Playoff Phase. The top 8 teams from each bracket in the Playoff Phase will then compete in the regional finals for a chance to represent their zone at The Asia.

The top three teams of Elite for MYSG, ANZ and India are as follows:

Malaysia Orange - $1,500
Malaysia MUFC - $1,000
Singapore Zenith - $500

India Vosk - $1,500
India DMC - $1,000
India Team Elunes - $500

Australia N9 - $1,500
NewZealand Sql - $1,000
Australia Aquarium - $500

For Australia/New Zealand and India, the regional finals have concluded with Team Elunes representing India and N9 representing for ANZ at The Asia. The winning team of each regional finals walked away with $1,500 and a all-expenses paid trip to Malaysia for The Asia finals.

The Alienware Battleground Tournament for China and Japan will begin in a few days of time. The Elite Group in China will feature teams like TongFu, For.Love and LGD fighting for the top spot at the regional finals.

Stay tuned for some exciting Chinese Dota 2 action right here at Alienware Battleground.

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