Dota 2 Staff Cup

General Sovann “Skim” Kim
Have you ever wondered how good the casters, writers and managers of your favorite webpages actually are? We'll find out this Thursday.

Many people keep complaining about the International overshadowing all other tournaments. This Thursday shall teach those people otherwise. In terms of entertainment value, the 4th of October has something special prepared.

The Dota 2 Staff Cup premiers and has almost all your favorite casters, admins, writers and managers in stock to fight it out in a double elimination tournament.


Team GosuGamers (Angel, Tjernobyl, Trisnt, Purge, Ace)
Team joinDOTA (HolyMaster, hjort, HamSandwich, Phanny, dutch_freak)
Team 4PL (MF, Kibyu, Tass, Gottlike, Vaana, IRage)
English Casters (TobiWan, Draskyl, LD, Godz, Ayesee)
Russian Casters (VeRsuta, mtrx4u, CaspeRRR, v1lat, maelstrom)
Manager Team (Drunkin, Paisy, breakthedeskplz, Marcus, Thon_Mayo)
FnaticRC Staff (ANdre, StreeT, Noname, Iyonic, Nachiket, Kshitij)
Random Mix ("PimPamPoum") (Shiba, Ash, DkPhobos, ZeroGravity, imbaQ)

GosuGamers will start off against 4PL at 18:30 CET. The matches will all be Best-Of-Ones, except for the grand final, which will be a Best-Of-Three. All games are planned to be casted, mTw's syndereN and our very own WhatIsHip are confirmed casters and there are more to come.

Mark your calendars, you're in for a treat.
Sovann “Skim” Kim
<p>21, German. I started at GGnet 2 years ago as an editor and came back this year as Dota 2 crew lead. I like turtles, Dota, casting and doing interviews. I'd like to think of myself as somewhat funny. I hate tomatoes.</p> <p>Follow <a href="">@SkimGaming</a></p>