Godot, ShataN, and Musica interviewed at Seattle before TI2

General Chirag “crashlite” Samtani

Three of the Absolute Legends players took a change of surrounding and conducted an interview with their very own manager.

Absolute Legends, the only representative from Australia at TI2 has been considered as the darkhorse of this competition for long. Nevertheless, it is their game to win, just as it is for the other fifteen teams. The manager of Absolute Legends, David "GoDz" Parker chatted with Godot, Shatan, and captain, xMusica for an interview.

First to be interviewed was:

Godot - The "always" has been DOTA2 player

"Having like an upperhand on the draft is really a big deal, especially at The International"

The interview started off with Godot remarking on how awesome the hotel is. He then continued saying that their teams are going to continue watching some more replays at the hotel, and will analyze other teams. Furthermore, he said that most teams already have a plan, but he is unsure of EHOME, IG, and Zenith's plan as AL doesn't usually scrim with them.

In addition, Godot talked about his recent role as drafter and exclaimed that he played so much, and by him playing DOTA2 continuously he might have caught up. He also said that Storm will have a lot of potential to be picked again at TI2. Finally, if not AL, he would predict Invictus Gaming as the potential winner of TI2.

Next is:

blackShatan - Suicide laner by day, Pudge player by night

"I'm really excited, I've been to many LAN tournaments but nothing like this, so I just hope we don't dissapoint."

As opposed to Godot, Shatan was interviewed at Gameclucks LAN center. It kicked off with Shatan saying that bootcamp was going pretty well, and they were winning 50% of the games. He then continued by giving his daily routine which was bootcamping at Gameclucks, eat burgers, bootcamp till 7 P.M., and then eat some more burgers, and head off to the hotel. While others sleep, Shatan will jump on his laptop and play Pudge.

To conclude is none other than:

xMusica - The optimistic, but at times distracted carry

"I think our form is much better than what we had online. . . and we're definitely aiming for top three"

The Absolute Legends carry player, xMusica opened up remarking the "burgers", and the closeness they had as a team as his best moments of bootcamp. Regarding his expectations of Absolute Legends, xMusica stated that their form was getting better, and they are aiming for top three.

Regarding any unusual picks, xMusica said that any picks is possible since Bleek is the drafter. But from other teams, he stated that Tinker is going to be seen in this tournament as well as Queen Of Pain, and more pushing heroes. He concluded the interview by saying that the Moscow5 vs Absolute Legend grand finals that PGG predicted would be a dream final for xMusica.

Want to find out more info about Absolute Legends? Visit their team profile: Here!

Also a reminder that the preliminaries start today for The International, so if you're supporting for Absolute Legends, don't forget to watch them in action against Mouz/WE. You can also place your bets here: Bets

Source: GodZ Studios Channel