World Elite Addresses Poor Performance

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World Elite has been criticized for their performances in The Premier League, and today manager Tony Yang issued a statement via The Premier League answering that criticism. Yang addressed WE's current roster situation, the team's performance in The Premier League and their future plans for Dota 2.

China Tony Yang, Head Manager of World Elite

"Hello everyone, I am Tony Yang and I serve as manager for World Elite DotA. In China, Dota 2 is almost non-existent at the moment and there are not a lot of international tournaments either. As a result, my players do not have a lot of time to practice Dota 2 and rather focus on DotA. Among my five players, only LUO tried to play Dota 2 before while the four other members never played it and that’s why WE.DotA does not perform too good in Dota 2.

Before Chinese Spring Festival, WE was honored to be invited into one of the most prestigious Dota 2 tournament, The Premier League. If Dota 2 develops well in China, we may build up a Dota 2, independent to DotA. In consequence, I am spending a lot of time finding players in China. Those who follow The Premier League probably noticed the appearance of 'QQQ' and 'PCT' who used to play for EHOME before. You are also aware that EHOME disbanded and thus 'QQQ' and 'PCT' were not playing for any team. All players attending this tournament are representing our organization. Unfortunately, a lot of people said that World Elite do not take this tournament seriously but this is not true. If that was not the case, my players would not play it with so much lag and we would not play during the Spring Festival (A festival as important as Christmas for other countries). Until now, my players has shown professionalism, they never missed one match of this prestigious competition and we will continue to do so.

Some people also said that they want to see players from our current line-up (LUO, CHAN, FNTY, MOFI and ICY) but I believe that if the players had participated, it would have been a terrible performance. I am also convinced that the community does not want to see WE being humiliated in 15 minutes before giving up. World Elite wish to offer quality matches to you, the fans that’s one of the reasons for which we picked both 'QQQ' and 'PTC' as well as some other players to represent our Dota 2 division in The Premier League.

We have much respect for this competition and I’m convinced we will perform better in the next Dota 2 tournaments we will be attending.

Thank you very much for your support. As one of the best E-sport clubs, World Elite will make sure the fans will enjoy our show.


Tony Yang

This pretty much answers why World Elite have been performing poorly in The Premier League, which has recently concluded, with various problems like high latency. And it seems the Chinese power house is very much interested in making a statement in the upcoming Dota 2 competitions.

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