Na'Vi and DTS in $3,000 USD offline showmatch

General Patrik “Raistlin” Hellstrand

b7e989418857e9dd35886855fc5f3c7516ba9d8485622baaa068131fba.jpgThe International champion Natus Vincere with team skipper Clement "Puppey" Ivanov will be going head to head with Vladimir "plzgogame" Anosov's DTS for a $3,000 USD prize in a showmatch series in the Mega Khimki shopping center.

The showmatch series is a part of the TECHLABS CUP RU 2012, and will exist of a best-of-three match. The embroilment between the two Eastern Europe regents will kick off on March 18.

Natus Vincere
Estonia Clement "Puppey" Ivanov
Ukraine Alexander "XBOCT" Dashkevich
Ukraine Daniel "Dendi" Ishutin
Russia Dmitry "LighTofHeaveN" Kupriyanov
Russia Sergei "ARS-ART / Smile" Revin
Russia Vladimir "plzgogame" Anosov
Russia Vadim "BloodAngel" Trushkin
Russia Vladislav "Blow" Mozoryuk
Russia Ivan "vigoss" Shinkarev
Ukraine Andrew "FLY" Bondarenko

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Patrik “Raistlin” Hellstrand
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