QoP, Broodmother, and SK are now on the scene

General kyle “svengetspumped” mcgrath

With this Thursday's Dota 2 patch, Queen of Pain, Broodmother, and Skeleton King have all been added to the hero pool!

If you enjoy blinking around the map, amassing an army of tiny spiders, or coming back to life to scorch your enemies, then October 20th is just the patch day for you. When all this chaos settles, only one thing is certain: towers will crumble in the various forms of destruction these heroes bring!

For those afraid that these heroes will impact this weekend's ESWC unfairly, you can lay your concerns to rest safely as these heroes will not be available in the Captain's Mode pool until after the tournament.

In addition to these three popular heroes, players can now pause the game up to three times, a similar feature to the one currently implemented in DotA. This feature will continue to be tested in the upcoming weeks, so, as always, feel free to leave feedback.

Credits to DotaCinema for the videos.

Skeleton King

Queen of Pain


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