Become the ESWC GosuBet-king, FORTY Dota 2 beta keys at stake

General Ulrich “KongoTime” Hanten

As the first tournament to inaugurate the newly launched betting system in the Dota 2 section of GosuGamers, we will reward the FORTY best gamblers with a Dota 2 beta key, after the grand final bet of ESWC gets closed.

Ironwood Branches are every level-one-heroe's friend. For an affordable 53 gold, the wooden accessory and fashionable eyecatcher on any server increases each attribute by one full point and can be upgraded to a Magic Wand later. On GosuGamers, Branches are your virtual currency in the Dota 2 section, which you can use to bet on the winner of an upcoming match in the ticker to the right of this page.

In order to take part in the competition, create a GosuGamers account and log-in. You will start with 50 Branches, which you can invest in any upcoming match of the ticker until five minutes before scheduled start.

When the match is over an administrator of the website will close the bet and Branches change hands. Should you lose, you can re-start at 50 by going to My GosuBets and clicking the "» Reset to 50" link on the top right.

This competition ends with the closing of the ESWC grand final bet on Tuesday; the best three gamblers will receive a private message with the desired key.

UPDATE: Change of plan - IceFrog has just given us 40 keys to give away for this. That's right, 40! The top 40 betters will each win a Dota 2 key. So take a chance, and start placing your bets!

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