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Phil Hellmuth is the all time World Series of Poker bracelet winner, holding eleven. He has more in the money finishes, 79, and final table appearance, 42, than any other player. He won the WSOP Main Event in 1989 at the age of 24. He has won over $11.3 million in live tournaments and is a member of the Poker Hall of Fame. He is widely known as the "poker brat" due to his temperamental personality and propensity to speak quite negatively of his opponents when steamed. Hellmuth has authored numerous books, including Play Poker like the Pros, Bad Beats and Lucky Draws, The Greatest Poker Hands ever Played, Poker Brat and Deal Me In. Hellmuth was born July 16, 1964, raised in Madison, Wisconsin, and has lived in Palo Alto, California for most of his adult life. He is married with two sons.

Things you might not know:
  • Though he has never won a WPT event, he has cashed 13 times and made four final tables.
  • Hellmuth's wife is a psychiatrist at Stanford.
  • Hellmuth is 6'6" tall.
  • Hellmuth was involved in creating the software for UltimateBet and is a long time member of TeamUB.
  • Since 2007, Hellmuth has taken on a theatrical flair for his WSOP entrances; as a Nascar driver, Army general, Caesar, and a boxer.
  • Hellmuth once won a $5599 pot on UB despite having the worst hand in what was later called an isolated glitch.
  • Hellmuth is currently in negotiations with UB, not wearing any UB promotional gear with rumors running wild he may be leaving UB.

Phil Hellmuth is probably most known for his famous quotes:
  • "When I watch myself on TV, I am a bit compelling.."
  • "This guy probably can't even spell poker"
  • "The guys trying to catch a flight."
  • "One day I looked up and I had $20,000 in the bank and my student loads were paid off and I was 21,...Then I started going to Vegas a lot."
  • "Let me complain, it's good for television."
  • "Trappers aren't the only ones who wear fur hats."
  • "Bladder control is an issue, but I've mastered that."
  • "I played so perfect, I couldn't play more perfect."
  • "I am the Jack Nicklaus of poker, the Tiger Woods of poker, the Mozart of poker."
  • "That maniac put all that money in with two sevens, honey. Did you see that? That maniac put all the money in with two sevens."
  • "Doyle Brunson is a living legend...when I think of Doyle, I see a lot of myself in him."
  • "Come on Sam, you know my heart is pure."
  • "Have some class and shake my hand."
  • "You're a terrorist, you're trying to blow up some blinds. Well, I'm a counter terrorist, I'm gonna catch you."
  • "Honey, I was supposed to go broke on that hand. But they forgot one thing. I can dodge bullets baby!"
  • "It's like I can look into their souls."
  • "How good did I play the hand? How good did I play the hand? Of course I played the hand like a ******* genius, that's what I do."
  • "I forgot my name. What's my name. Am I Phil Hellmuth?"
  • "I'm like the Matrix, I can dodge knives; Jiu-Jitsu."
  • "Poker is 100% skill and 50% luck."
  • "If there weren't luck involved, I would win every time."

Perhaps better than any other poker player, Phil Hellmuth has marketed himself and his theatrical "poker brat" persona to tremendous notoriety. Away from the poker table, he can be a devoted family man, down to earth, charitable and centered, but at the poker table or when he's suffering a perceived beat, he vents unlike any other notable player. His tournament poker ego is second to no ones. It seems to drive him to greater heights at large amateur filled events like the WSOP, although his results online and at high stakes cash game have been uneven when playing against top cash game specialists.

One of Phil Hellmuths more recent blow ups:

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