HeroesHearth conquers again in sixth Open Division Cup

Heroes Lydia “lideyuh” Mitrevski

One more cup remains before the playoffs and as all teams are hungry for the best seeding possible, some are just looking to reach the top eight to advance.

In the first semi-final of the sixth North American Open Division Cup Heroes Hearth faced against Team Numerics. Leading by one game, Heroes Hearth set their sights on game two on Tomb of the Spider Queen. TNC attempted to keep aggression as high as their competitiors but despite having plenty of gems for a turn in was constantly bullied away by HeroesHearth. After finally earning their first webweaver TNC aimed to reach level 20 but fell short as HH earned it first then immediately took the boss. TNC couldn't catch up and as they were that far behind with the boss push, Heroes Hearth advanced to yet another cup final.

On the other side of the bracket, Donkeys R Us played Imported Support. As Donkeys R Us led by one game it came down to Towers of Doom. DRU collapsed during every altar face and as the only team with a global hero, got a lot of usage from Dehaka. DRU's aggressive game ended in their favor with 10-1 kills and 29 core health remaining.

While it wasn't broadcasted on the main channel, we do know that Imported Support beat TNC in the third place game 2-1.

The finals began on Towers of Doom with Heroes Hearth taking Chromie and Tracer, two heroes that showed the more impressive play throughout the tournament. Needless to say, they controlled the map throughout most of the beginning of the game. Although Donkeys R Us couldn't get as many kills and were two levels behind it still seemeed like a fairly equal playing field according to the core health. As DRU continued to fall behind on levels, HH dominated with their map control and team fighting. The Chromie and Tracer plays really made the beginning to this series as HH took game one.

Game two set on Battlefield of Eternity with HH pulling out Abathur. They continued to have yet another dominating early game but once both teams reached level 16 it seemed as if DRU were beginning to take a comeback. Spawning and pushing with their immortal, DRU gained kill after kill allowing them to push farther into seige. But the success of the early game from HH helped them recover as they had already completely opend up the bottom lane. HH ultimately took the win with both teams ending at level 19 and DRU leading killes 12 to 7.

Heroes Hearth had a dominating early game but once both teams reached level 16 DRU began their comeback. However, ultimately by that time HH had been able to make their way through the bottom lane and after one simple team fight, HH took yet another win. This game was much more equal than it might sound, with both teams ended at level 19 and DRU even ending with 12 kills to HH’s 7.

As their fifth NA Open Division Cup win, HeroesHearth is still comfortable in the top spot of the standings and will most likely remain there going into the playoffs in a few weeks.

Only one cup remains!!! Be sure to register for the seventh and FINAL North American Open Division Cup! 

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