Deja Vu in the Nexus during the extra NA Open Division Cup

Heroes Lydia “lideyuh” Mitrevski

No, this isn't a copy recap of the third North American Open Division Cup. The teams and match-ups came out the same for the extra North American Cup as they did in the third. Not only that, but the results were almost completely copied as well.

In the first semi-finals match, Donkeys R Us faced Held it Down. Already up by one game, Held it Down took Stukov, the latest hero to enter the Nexus, going into game two. Donkeys got a lot of strong picks when fighting for the Immortal spawn on Battlefield of Eternity, but their experience was very even throughout the whole game. While Held it Down finally grabbed their first immortal, they used it wisely as to not push to hard while they kept up a two level lead. This allowed them to slowly rip through the top fort and eventually to the core to advance to the finals, yet again.

On the other side of the semi-finals, Flame is Lame met Imported Support. On Towers of Doom in the first game, Flame is Lame got early shots on their opponents core, but couldn't hang in team fights, falling one after another before reaching level 10. This lost them a lot of experience they were slowly able to catch up finally reaching level 10. Team fights from then on were so dirty from Flame is Lame, with Muradin as a solo tank dieing just too many times. After a full team wipe and a final altar taken, Imported took game one.
Going into game two, Flame is Lame took Stukov to try to capitalize just as Held it Down did. Just under four minutes into the game, Imported was able to take the first fort along with the punisher pushing almost straight to the keep. Again, Flame is Lame was able to hold experience as they both reached level 10 but as the next shrine spawned, Imported won the fight against it. Imported got much more value from their punishers, along with clutch hooks from Stitches, they were able to take game two and advance to face Held it Down once again.

In game one of the finals, Imported picked the comfort of Auriel Stitches again, while Held it Down picked Stukov for healing. The Stitches hooks from Imported were not as calculated this time on Towers of Doom. Held it Down pushed hard enough to take multiple towers for their side and once they reached level 16 they rolled to take multiple bell towers, two kills and a boss all within a few minutes. Again, Imported was still able to catch up on experience reaching level 20 and ended up turning the game in their favor with multiple bell towers on their end even with only 9 points left on their core. After a handful of staggard deaths from Held it Down and a few questionable plays, Imported was actually able to turn out with the win after game one.

Held it Down had a strong early lead in game two but Imported caught up (catching a pattern here?) but they weren't able to get any gem turn ins on Tomb of the Spider Queen. HiD, however, got three turn ins back to back to back along with a huge team fight that lost 100 gems from Imported, hurting their hopes of a turn in. Another similar team fight came after the death timers expired, then with a full team wipe before reaching level 20, HiD was able to tie up the match.

Both teams completely ignoring laning in the early stage of game three, taking top and bottom forts respectively before reaching level 4 and before the first shrine spawned on Infernal Shrines. Hold it Down aggressively took another fort while ignoring that shrine. Even though Imported got it, they were down almost a full level and lost their fort. Held it Down played so aggressively they reached level 10 with no problem. Imported tried to take the cue and pressure just as much as they reached level 10 to equal the playing field, but Held it Down got picks after picks and Imported couldn't hold on with only two kills in the end. Held it Down took the cup, yet again.

While it was not broadcasted on the main stream, Donkeys R Us got third place again from defeating Flame is Lame 2-0.

Due to Held it Down forfeiting the points from their previous team, they actually sit at third place in the standings, whereas Donkeys R Us are at the top with 300 points. Imported Support is comfortable at second place with 270 points and Flame is Lame in fourth with 200 points. The standings are beginning to shake up as we get closer to the playoffs, and it's becoming obvious that every tournament makes the difference.

Registration is now already open for the fourth cup in two weeks!

Anticipating the European Open Division? Registration is now open for the fourth EU cup as well!

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