The Open Division Cup win is 'Held' again by HGC veterans

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We're just at halfway through the second Phase of the HGC Open Division and as the top teams are starting to form, others are hoping to secure themselves in one of the top eight spots to guarantee themselves in the playoffs.

Players Unknown took the first cup win, while Hold it Down took the second. It seems as if Players Unknown will no longer be playing in the Open Division and yesterday Hold it Down has reformed to "Held it Down", replacing McIntyre with Soy temporarily. Due to the team change, all points earned under the Hold it Down name are now forfeit as the team starts anew.

In their semi-finals match, Held it Down faced against Donkeys R Us.

Game one was all in favor of Held it Down. Taking the win in less than 16 minutes, up level 20 to 16 and 19-0 kills. There was no contest. 

Game two was much more equal from both sides. Despite being down one hero and at the threat of receiving a curse, Donkeys R Us turn a huge team fight around in their favor, taking out four members of Held it Down. They avoided the curse and immediately took the boss to push the momentum in their favor. This allowed DRU to equal up the playing field even more. But that one good play wasn’t enough to carry them over as Held it Down was eventually able to get the first curse. As Held it Down then got the Boss, DRU were able to hold such a strong defense taking a team fight in their favor, then a curse, then the boss again. It all game to the final team fight. While HiD were in the party bush at equal level 20, it strongly ended in HiD’s favor as they were able to roll through and advance to the finals. 

On the other side of the semi-finals Imported Support faced against Flame is Lame. Flame is Lame has participated in previous cups this phase and while they are in the top eight, earning a higher position in the standings gives them better security (and seeding) going into the playoffs. Flame was no match for Imported Support, however. Their experience and aggressive play style was just enough to tip the scale and take the win 2-0 to advance to the finals.

Held it Down has played against Imported Support in the previous cup, with HiD coming out on top. While Imported is a more seasoned amateur team, HiD is packed with veteran players itching to get back into the competitive scene.

In game one of the finals, Imported led on levels but no on gem turn ins on Tomb of the Spider Queen as Held it Down was able to take the first two webweavers back to back. While Imported could not find an opening for a turn in, they were able to keep up on experience. Even as Imported was able to get their first full turn in, Held it Down reached level 13 first and proceeded to hard engage on a fight they knew they could take. This team fight unfortunately ended with Imported not only losing their gems, but losing their chance to catch up on experience. After their third webweaver spawn, HiD then reached level 16 and took full control of the map, leading to the eventual win of game one. 

Imported hunted for redemption in game two. As they, again, capitalized more on experience in the early game, they could not on team fights and kills. They still reached level 13 first and early and began to catch up in the mid game along with grabbing their first punisher heading into level 16. As it seemed that Imported would roll through with the second win to tie the series, team fights made the biggest difference for Held it Down in the late game. Even if they only got a few picks off of Imported Support it was just enough for them to push hard with multiple punishers to rip through Imported structures late in the game and take the sweep and the cup win.

Donkeys R Us took the third place win against Flame is Lame as well.

While Held it Down was forced to forfeit their points from the previous team, Donkeys R Us now sits atop the standings with Imported Support, Flame is Lame and Held it Down coming next in that order. There's still time for all teams to climb the rankings, as the top eight will advance to the playoffs with their chance at taking a spot in the HGC Premier League.

Missed registration for this cup? Registration is now already open for the fourth cup!

Anticipating the European Open Division? Registration is now open for the fourth EU cup as well!

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