NA and EU see new teams in the HGC as eyes are set on Phase Two

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Even in Death, Team Zealot, and Team Good Guys join the ranks of the Hereos Global Championship to compete with the best teams in their regions, as they prepare to compete in Phase two of the HGC Premier league beginning in June. The three started the season as Open Division hopefuls, but months of hard work have seen them graduate to the top level of Heroes competition.

It's been a grueling five months of HGC Premier League and HGC Open Division compeition. Eight of the best teams in North America and Europe have fought week after week to prove they are number one in their region and advance to the first international tournament of the year, The Mid-Season Brawl. From the Open Division, new rosters have emerged to prove to their region that they deserve a spot among the pros. While teams for the Mid-Season Brawl are now set, The Crucible took place last weekend to determine if any of the amateur teams were worthy enough to join the professional ranks.


Team Synergy entered The Crucible in 7th place with a 2-12 record. Their opponents, Team Zealot were clear contenders as they lead in the Open Division with four cup wins. Their experience and success in Open Division was an obvious factor in beating Team Synergy 4-1 and thus securing their spot in the HGC Premier League for Phase Two. As for the fate of Team Synergy, if they choose to stay together as a roster they will now have to compete in the Open Division.

Despite some impressive games in the latter part of Phase One league play, BeGenius was forced into The Crucible with a 2-12 record, set to play Open Division champions Team Good Guys. Led by Heroes pro veteran bkb, TGG impressively swept BeGenius 4-0 proving they belonged in the HGC. Due to this loss, BeGenius announced the roster would be parting ways with the BeGenius organization.

North America

North America had quite a different turn of events on the other side of The Crucible. As Open Division playoff winners, Even in Death chose to play No Tomorrow in their Crucible match. As Batterry explained to us, a primary factor in that decision was simply the server choice for the series. While other tactics were a factor, the decision did not treat them well as No Tomorrow secured their position in the HGC Premier League, taking out Even in Death 4-1.

Outside of The Crucible, Team B-Step announced the disbanding of the roster which disqualified them from their HGC position in Phase Two. According to section 4.6 of the Heroes HGC rules: “The highest ranked team in the North American Open Division will replace the the disqualified team”, meaning that as the Open Division champions, Even in Death will now take their spot despite losing the playoff.

Team Naventic entered from 8th place in the standings with a 2-12 record to play Open Division heavy hitters, Imported Support. In what turned out to be the closest series in The Crucible, Imported almost clinched a comeback sweep, but Team Naventic was able to hold onto their lead and slip by with the 4-2 win. Naventic now secures their spot in the HGC Premier League, while Imported Support will remain in the Open Division. As they look to the phase two, Naventic also recently announced Kenma would be moving to the role of coach, while the team adds iDream to the roster.



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