Community Roundup – 5 Top Pro and Grand Master Hero guides

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With all the changes coming to the Nexus lately, it’s a perfect time to dust off some of our favorite heroes with some guides from our community’s best Pro and Grand Master players.


Fan’s Mana Addict Kael’thas guide

GFE’s Fan knows his heroes.  And while the double tank meta slowly gives way to more damage and ultimate centered team compositions, revisiting Kael’thas makes sense.

Fan goes into great detail on how most of the community is wrong to pick Convection at Level 1. The greatest thing about Fan’s guides is how he goes into the WHY behind his decisions. Watch, learn, profit. The talent summary can be found here.

Fan’s Mana Addict Kael’thas talent breakdown

Fan’s Mana Addict Kael’thas gameplay footage


Fan’s Gul’dan KRQ-Build guide

While Gul’dan’s Corruption build is popular, one of the best players in North America models his Gul’dan play off of Korea’s Lockdown of team Tempest. The talent summary can be found here.

By level 16 Gul’dan starts hitting like a truck on a 1.5 second cooldown. -Fan

KRQ-Build Gul’dan talent breakdown

Fan’s KRQ-Build Gul’dan gameplay


McIntyre’s meta Anub’arak

With all the mages making their way into the meta, B-Step’s McIntyre does a great job of exploring the rise of Anub’arak. Now with spell shielded beetles and more options than ever, Anub is having a great time shutting down mages with the likes of Arthas. A talent summary can be found here, but McIntyre lays out key deviations depending on what you’re up against.

McIntyre’s meta Anub’arak Talent breakdown

McIntyre’s meta Anub’arak Gameplay

Skullkid’s GM Valeera

Skullkid is something of an unsung hero to those aspiring Grand Masters out there. With great insights into gameplay strategy and talent selection, skullkid walks you through a typical GM Towers of Doom game. Take notes kids and make sure to check out this video for some Valeera inspiration. Skullkid’s default Valeera talent summary can be found here.

Skullkid’s Valeera talent guide

GM Valeera replay analysis.

Here's another talent summary for this replay.

Zaelia’s quick Tracer guide

Dignitas's Assassin and all-around nice guy Zaelia put out a quick guide on how they play tracer at a pro level.

Zaelia’s Tracer talent summary can be found here.

Skullkid’s in-depth Tracer guide

If you can’t get enough Tracer in your life, skullkid is back with his own in-depth Tracer guide, geared for Ladder play. Here's a talent summary.

Talent breakdown and gameplay analysis

In conclusion

Hopefully you found these guides useful, if not for your own play than for insights into the current and ever shifting meta.


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