Miss the EU Open Division Cup #3? Here are some of our favorite clips

Heroes Nick “Dorazion” D'Orazio

The third EU Open Division was filled with action and hopeful Heroes teams looking for a spot in the HGC. Check out some of our favorite clips and register your own team for a shot at glory!

The 3rd EU open division featured another finals where the top amateur EU teams made it to the endgame. Team Zealot faced MÅÅ while Polska Pamieta fought against Tossers:

The final standings leave Team Zealot as the undisputed champs of the open division. Unless they drop the ball, they look ready to secure their spot in the upcoming crucible against HGC EU teams. 

Our favorite clips

1. Mosh into Ring of Frost

2. The reason why E.T.C is top tier

3. Resets, Resets, Resets!

4. Anub'arak dives and secures kills thanks to a clutch Tychus Grenade

5. Back to Back critical escapes! Tyrael lives with 10 hp.

The 3rd NA Open Division starts February 20th and the 4th EU open Division starts February 27th. Check out some of our other favorite clips from previous Open Division tournaments!

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