Netease's Official Announcement on HGC 2017 in China

Heroes Justin “Fenix2424” Lee

A while ago, Netease inadvertently released information on their HGC 2017 plans which they quickly retracted. They have now released a new official statement, with updated information regarding the salary program.

Official Announcement (Chinese)



  • Gold Heroes League becomes part of HGC 2017 (serves as China's regional premier League)
  • Three Seasons: Spring, Summer and Fall
  • There will be a 2017 Gold Series Finals which will be the annual finale for Chinese Heroes events
  • The HGC Gold League will work in tandem with other tournaments officially announced by Blizzard (Eastern Clashes, Mid Season Brawl, HGC Finals)
  • The top 3 finishers of Gold Heroes League 2016 Grand Finals will represent China at the first Eastern Clash


Gold Heroes League specifics


  • 8 teams compete in HGC Gold League during each season: the top 6 from the previous season plus two teams from preliminaries
  • All participants from Gold Heroes League 2016 Grand Finals are qualified for the Spring season.
  • The bottom two teams from every season are dropped and must compete in next season's preliminaries for a chance to participate in the next season.


Salary Program


  • There will be four installments of 1,200,000 to top 8 teams in HGC Gold League, for a total of 4,800,000 CNY (approximately $696,000 USD).  One installment is paid per season, plus one for the 2017 Gold Series Finals.
  • Each team receives 150,000 CNY ($21,746) per installment, so if a team qualifies for all three seasons plus the 2017 Gold Series Finals, they will receive 600,000 CNY, which is approximately $87,000.


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Will ZeroPanda dominate HGC Gold League in 2017?

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I have played Heroes of the Storm for over a year now with over 3000 games played. Although this is the first MOBA that I have played, I have been playing strategy games for years and always loved the thinking/theory side of games as much if not more so than the actual gameplay.


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