Highlights of the Hero Balance Q&A

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Blizzard developers opened on reddit today and answered questions about the recent and upcoming balance updates.

Blizzard posted a Q&A thread on reddit, focusing on the current balance update, the upcoming December 13 patch, and game balance in general.

Here are some of the highlights:

Upcoming Hero Changes: Tassadar, Uther, Greymane, and others

  • Tassadar will receive changes soon, but after the December 13 patch.
  • Greymane will receive some changes:
    • Marked for the Kill will be changed to act more as an initiator.
    • Greymane’s Worgen form may receive armor or resistance.
  • Azmodan will receive buffs to his All Shall Burn ability, including allowing movement during the ability without any talents.
  • Uther may receive changes to make him a more tanky support.

  • Arthas may receive some talent changes.
  • Thrall may receive talent changes, but not until the middle of next year.
  • Murky is currently being considered for changes.

  • Support heroes will receive general changes that will shift their power emphasis. No further details were given.
  • There are no plans for significant changes to Raynor, Lunara, Nova, or Nazeebo.


Multiclass Heroes

  • As of now, no current heroes are being updated to the multiclass category.
  • Heroes such as Kharazim, Tyrande, and Tassadar are considered hybrid heroes as opposed to multiclass heroes.



  • While Ragnaros is in his Molten Core form, he is still treated as a hero.
    • He still can be attacked for quest talents.
    • He is unstoppable, meaning he is immune to stuns and silences such as Arthas’s Sindragosa and Sylvanas’s Black Arrows trait.



  • Gathering talents (e.g. Regeneration Master) may receive changes.
  • Blizzard considered making Diablo’s trait togglable, but decided against it.
  • The mount speed nerfs (40% to 30% movement speed) will not be reverted.
  • Blizzard will generally patch new heroes two weeks after release, but will be quicker in some extreme cases (e.g. Zarya).
  • Kerrigan’s abilities have received responsiveness improvements in the current PTR.
  • The balance designers prefer to have three or four talent choices per tier.


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Are you more excited for the upcoming hero balance changes on December 13 or the potential future hero changes?

The December 13 changes. The new Artanis, Dehaka, and Diablo look great!
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The potential future changes. Make Tassadar, Uther, and Greymane great again!
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