L5 overcome the power of the Protoss to become Super League Champions

Heroes Matthew “GLPhoenix” Hunter

It was always going to be a tough fight against MVP Black, but L5 ensured yet another second place for the allstar team.

Alarak Comes out Swinging:

As the finals got under way, it was apparent that MVP Black had some surprises in store, favouring Alarak and pairing it with Malfurion to great effect. This combo allowed MVP to take game one in rather convincing fashion.

Game two proved that MVP Black still had more to show, taking L5 to Braxis Holdout and crushing them with a unique draft. Most notable was the combination of Alarak, Artanis, and Malfurion, where despite the lack of pure tank, MVP Black was able to push and pull L5 however they wanted.

L5 Takes Control of the Series:

From that point on though, it was all in favour of L5. They prioritized the Mallfurion enough to first pick it, denying the combo that had beaten them in the prior games. This emphasis came in huge for L5, as the disruption created by Twilight Dream turned key fights and allowed them to take games 3, 4, and 5, setting up match and tournament point for them.

In game 6 MVP Black was allowed their Malf, Alarak, Artanis combo that allowed them to take games initially, but by now all of the momentum was in favour of L5. Whereas previously MVP Black were able to play around their limited durability, they were unable to do so again, and L5 secured their fourth game in a row to take the series and to become yet another first time Super League champion.

The Road to BlizzCon:

This result means that coming into BlizzCon for the World Championship, L5 will represent South Korea as its #1 seed whereas MVP Black as the 2nd seed will have to play an extra group stage to make it to the top. This result also brings into question MVP's decision to be closed off from most of the scene when it comes to practice, and will be interesting to see whether or not that changes as we head into BlizzCon.

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