New teaser and release info for Tracer

Heroes Ryan “BoardShorts” Krage

In-Development video gives us our best look yet of Overwatch's first hero about to enter the Nexus

Those tuning into the final day of competition for the Spring Championships were treated with a sneak peak of Tracer, the next hero scheduled to enter the Nexus.

The video showed off Tracer’s ability to fire while moving, dash around obstacles in ping-pong like fashion, and even displayed her skills at flipping away from attacks like Sonya’s Leap heroic.

We also got to see Tracer’s different looks, like a sinister looking Spectre skin to go along with her sweet Phantom Spectre Mount  and an awesome jet fighter themed Master skin, which should pair nicely with her flashy playstyle.

For those who pre-purchase Overwatch: Origins Edition for Windows PC, Blizzard announced that Tracer will be waiting for them on their accounts in the Nexus April 19th. She'll be available for sale to everyone else the following week on April 26th. 

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What are you more excited for? Tracer's Masterskin or that sweet Spectre skin and mount combo?

I'm getting her to lvl 10 ASAP.
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Shut up and take my money! Spectre Hype
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