Strong backlash from competitive community over latest Rehgar changes.

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"Dangerous precedent being set for the future of the game" among the concerns from the competitive community over the latest changes to Rehgar.

Former and current competitive support players, Dreadnaught and Bakery, spoke out on YouTube immediately after getting a glimpse of the latest changes to Rehgar in the most recent balance update.

Dreadnaught is a former support and shot caller for one of last year's strongest teams Tempo Storm. Currently as an outspoken content creator for the community and an up and coming caster, he spent roughly 11 minutes discussing the Rehgar changes and the larger implication of those changes to support role in Heroes as a whole. 

Dreadnaught's comments on the changes

  • Recent changes follow a pattern of Blizzard that he fears is turning the support role into a "only just a sit back and heal" role.
  • Taking away resources like Cleanse and Ancestral Healing remove play-making from the role.
  • Taking away self-cast from Ancestral takes away from what Rehgar's kit promotes - aggressive play.
  • A play-making player should not be punished just because they are a support role.
  • A game changing Ancestral should remain just that, a game changing Ancestral no matter who the target is.

Bakery, support for EU Regional champs Team Dignitas, reviewed the entire balance update commenting on Nova and Xul before giving some strong impressions about the Rehgar changes. Although he mains Kharazim, he is also required to play Rehgar since the EU meta largely views Rehgar, Kharazim, and Tassadar as the top 3 supports at the moment. 

Bakery's comments on the changes

  • Considers it an "absolutely terrible" change.
  • A dangerous precedent for the future of the game.
  • Forces Rehgar to go back to playing the same style he was before the rework by Blizzard that put him back on the map as an aggressive, frontline support.

Are Dreadnaught's and Bakery's fears justified? Is Rehgar doomed to return to a sit back and heal style of play now that he can no longer self-cast ancestral healing? Begin to find out the potential impact this weekend by checking out the ETS NA 2 playoffs.

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