The Spring Global Championships format has been revealed

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Staring on March 31st, 12 teams will have a shot at claiming the lions share of a $150,000 prize pool and the title of 2016 Heroes of the Storm Spring Champions.

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The first major tournament in Blizzards series of seasonal Championship starts March 31st and promises to deliver the highest level of Heroes of the Storm competition we have seen since BlizzCon. The event is international in every respect, showcasing the top teams from major regional as well as a host of small regions who have earned their spot in the limelight.

Blizzard has recently released a blog post containing all relevant information, but here is what you need to know:

First group stage

  • 8 teams will split up into two groups and compete for a chance to face the pre-seeded teams who won their respective regional.
  • These 8 teams are comprised of the 2nd place finishers from the major regions, as well as the first place winners from the lesser regions.
    • Match 1 – Korea vs Latin America
    • Match 2 – North America vs Southeast Asia
    • Match 3 – Europe vs Taiwan
    • Match 4 – China vs Australia/New Zealand

Second Group stage

4 of these lesser seeded teams will advance to play in the second group stage aginst the pre-seeded teams from the major regions: NA, EU, KR and CN:

                         Group A                          Group B
China Seed 1 - eStar Gaming Korea Seed 1- TBD: Super League, March 20
North America Seed 1 - Cloud9 Europe Seed 1 - Team Dignitas
Random First Group Stage Winning Team Random First Group Stage Winning Team
Random First Group Stage Winning Team

Random First Group Stage Winning Team


The peace gate at the tournament venue, Olympic Hall in Olympic Park, Seoul Korea.

Prize Pool

1st - $150,000

2nd - $75,000

3rd-4th - $50,000

5th-6th - $37,500

7th-8th - $25,000

9th-12th - $12,500

Where to watch

  Starting at 7:00 pm PDT on March 31:

More streams will be updated as they become known

Attending in person

For anyone planning to attend in person, visit the official blog post and scroll down to the very bottom for additional details. Tickets are purchasable here.

GosuGamers will be covering the entire event, so stay up to date with our coverage hub. There you can find up to date brackets, drafts, and news about the event as it comes.

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