MVP Black vs Team No Limit series ends with a bang

Heroes Matthew “GLPhoenix” Hunter

Just when you think you've successfully defended a push on the core, the Tyrael passive secures the win and all you can do is stand there and watch as your base gets blown apart.

It's game four of the best of 5 between top dogs MVP Black and Team No Limit being played at Sky Temple. MVP are up 2-1 through some solid teamfighting and creative decision making when it seemed like TNL had the upper hand. Again in the early game TNL looked to have found the upper hand, using better map-wide mobilty to gain early experience advantages.

A clean team fight win in the mid game for TNL ends up baiting them into taking a boss, which they end up losing as MVP were able to respawn and rush to the point in time. From here MVP pushed the boss into the base of TNL and looked to end the game and the series then and there. It didn't look at that possible or advisable, but as you can see in this clip, they had the whole thing calculated.

One of the most memorable endings in Korean Heroes
Elsewhere in the Korean Super League, the up and comers Team Hero were able to take out Rave HotS 3-2 in an increadibly close set. Starting out 0-2 did not deter Team Hero as they were able to adjust and complete the reverse sweep.


This makes the playoff bracket really interesting, with the #1 team in the world according to GosuGamers rankings MVP Black going up against Team Hero, a team that has made a drastic increase in standing.

If you would like to catch up on any of the games that you may have missed, the vods can be found over at OGNGlobal on Twitch or the Ongamenet Youtube channel.

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