Community Spotlight: Dreadnaught breaks down every map in the game

Heroes Thomas “thangorodrim” Masci

Tempo Storm's Dreadnaught breaks down every map in the current rotation in one of his most recent posts on his Dreadnaught_heroes YouTube channel.  

Former compettitive player, now caster and streamer, Dreadnaught of Tempo Storm recently released an excellent video breakdown of every map in the current rotation of Heroes of the Storm. In what Dreadnaught describes as a both a guide to provide a general strategy to approach each map and a better understanding of how to each is played competitively. 

Here are some highlights pulled from the video, including a few that challenge some of the popular thinking you will see out there in your matches. 

Towers of Doom

  • Bottom lane is the most valuable and most dangerous.
  • XP soak is the name of the game.

Battlefield of Eternity

  • Attack their immortal, don't defend yours.

Cursed Hollow

  • Use a 1-3-1 (top-mid-bottom) laning alignment with 2 roaming.
  • Once you get the curse never go get mercs or start fighting the boss right away.

Garden of Terrror

  • Never let your tank or support take the terror, instead use the squishiest or most useless hero in team fights.


This is just the tip of the iceberg so check out the full video below.  

For more great content by Dreadnaught check out his Dreadnaught_heroes channel on YouTub and Dreadnaught_Heroes stream on Twitch.

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Will you use Dreadnaught's tips in your future matches?

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Thomas “thangorodrim” Masci
I have been in love with video games and fantasy/sci-fi since I was nine years old. I love Heroes of the Storm and the growing eSports movement. Most interested in team comps, strategy, and the team dynamic of online gaming. I'm also an exhausted Atlanta sports fan. Excited to be part of the great GosuCrew and producing content for the game I love.


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