Dustin Browder talks HotS future on Twitter

Heroes Matt “Snufalufugus” Trovalli

In typical fashion, Heroes of the Storm Director Dustin Browder took to twitter to answer many questions the community had about the future of the game.​

Dustin Browder, Game Director of Heroes of the Storm, has been rather active on twitter lately, offering some insight on changes we might see in the game soon.

Browder has been responding to tweets from users offering suggestions on how to improve HotS, letting us know what is and isn’t high on the development team’s priority list. Some of these changes are just conceptual at this point, but could end up making their way into the game.

Top Priorities

Browder says the following are the top priorities for the dev team at the moment.


Hero League/Team League Bans

Many players have requested Hero League and Team League bans to help balance out the current meta, and Browder confirmed this is definitely an important feature.

Q. Are Hero League and Team League bans high on the priority list?

Browder also confirmed on twitter that these bans would mimic pro-style bans.


No More Scrolling in Hero League?

Boy it would be nice to have all the heroes in one place in Hero League.

Q. Any plans to improve the draft screen so we don't have to scroll to select heroes?


Potential Tyrande Nerf

When asked about a Tyrande nerf, Browder made it seem possible.


Gazlowe Rework

Q. Will we see Gazlowe getting some love in the near future?


Community Improvements – ‘Clan’ or ‘Guild’ system

This improvement might not be soon, but is definitely much needed. At some point there might be a system that allows you to gather all your friends in one place.

Q. A long time ago you guys asked about community features and clans on the blog. What ever happened to this?

Browder also said he "loved the idea" of adding guilds to the game.

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What needs improvement most in Heroes of the Storm?

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Hero balance
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  • Michael "dreadnought" Jones ,
    Two things 1) The fact that we have a dev that is so on board with answering questions and going through our feedback and responding is amazing! The fact that he gets so many crap posts like *This match is messed up* stop...its useless 2) Blizzard is completely aware of these sort of issues, the problem is that it takes them forever to get this stuff out. Its painful


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