Lunara Spotlight: One of the trickiest heroes to enter the Nexus

Heroes Nick “Dorazion” D'Orazio

Incredible mobility, poisons, vision and an passive that encourages jukes and unpredictable movement, Lunara is looking like a carry players dream.

We already talked about Lunara's competitive viability and how strong she appears. Now, we can all take a look for our selves in this months hero spotlight:

Let's look again at the points our editorial crew made after playing Lunara extensively at BlizzCon:


  • Immense damage, especially sustained damage
  • Great mobility
  • Unrivaled vision - good luck ganking me!


  • Lack of burst damage
  • Hopping feels pretty awkward
  • Lack of hard CC


Mobility, vision, and damage seems like a lethal combination and the spotlight gives a better perspective of how these traits will play out. The damage over time aspect of Lunara's kit seems like plausible counter to a meta that favors burst healers like Uther and Tassadar and, if Lunara is Kael'thas levels of impactful we may see Malfurion make a huge comeback.

But looking at the cons, I can't help but question the "awkward" feeling of her hopping movement passive. As described in the video, it looks like a vital part of her kit and the unpredictable nature of her hops will make it very hard to connect abilities on Lunara. The 20% move speed and hard to predict hops are the defensive tools she needs to survive with what I can only assume will be a very low hp pool.

The next hero to be released should be Greymane. Though nothing is official, we should expect Lunara to be released this Tuesday patch day.

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If you had to choose only one to buy: Lunara or Greymane?

Thank you for voting!
Thank you for voting!
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