Dignitas vs. Na'Vi: The new European Classic

Heroes Robbert “Broeder” Troost

In an all-European semifinal, Team Dignitas played Na'Vi for the first finals spot.

The first match of today took quite a long time to get started, because the first game was delayed for around 3 hours after sound issues were discovered on the side of Na'Vi. But when the games did get started, they were totally worth it.

If you have been following the EU scene in particular, you will have seen the last few matches between Dignitas and Natus Vincere. The majority of those were recently won by Na'Vi, including a perfect record at the Prague event. But it seemed like Dignitas took the perfect opportunity to stop the streak.

Match summary:

Game 1 saw a classic focus on warriors like Tyrael and Arthas for Dignitas, while focusing on bans for Falstad as well as The Butcher to keep Na'Vi from picking their popular Mighty Gust + Lamb to the Slaughter combo wombo. Natus Vincere responded with powerhouse heroes such as Uther, Johanna and Leoric to dominate Blackheart's Bay. In the end it came down to a series of strong teamfights by Dignitas to take control of all the coins, and the objective to win game 1.

Game 2 saw a very surprising focus on Kerrigan for Dignitas, in combination with E.T.C.'s Moshpit. Bakery stated that they saw the potential of E.T.C. in the way that the Chinese teams play him, and he surely was an MVP in their second game's composition. In combination with the AoE potential of Kael'thas and Leoric's March of the Black King, they were able to make the most of Mosh Pit versus a composition that had a surprisingly high number of counters against Mosh Pit. A number of smart baits and teamfights secured the second game win for Team Dignitas, surprising a large part of the crowd who were expecting Na'Vi to advance through to the finals.

Looking forward:

Dignitas have earned their spot in the very first World Championship finals, and will be facing the winner of the match between Cloud9 and Team DK. You will not want to miss that finals.

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Will Dignitas be crowned the World Champions?

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