HCT Spring Championship: Hoej 3-0's Kolento to claim title

Hearthstone Michael “Zechs_” Radford

Hoej continued his hot streak by defeating Kolento 3-0 in the HCT Spring Championship final.

Hoej and Kolento went into the grand final on matching 4-1 records. Coming off the back of a disappointing Seatstory Cup, Kolento had battled his way through HCT Spring Championships the hard way. Of his five matches, four had gone to the final game of the series. Meanwhile, Hoej had breezed through to the final by comparison. He lost one game as well, but he only had one 3-2 game; the rest were all 3-0’s or 3-1’s.

The final would be more of the same for the Dane. He opened up with Murloc Paladin into Kolento’s Evolve Shaman and got the better of the early minion trades. A sequencing mistake from the Ukrainian really turned the game in Hoej’s favour, however, when he summoned an Emerald Hive Queen from his Maelstrom Portal, leaving him unable to play another minion on his fourth turn. Hoej was free to play a Finja while Kolento had to settle for a five-mana Manatide Totem. Lady Luck was definitely shining on Hoej when his Finja got Devolved into a Genzo. Gentle Megasaur rolling +3 attack was the final nail in the coffin for game one just a couple of turns later.

Pirate Warrior was next for Hoej and he had a great draw into a slow Jade Druid opener. Coined-out Southsea Captain meant that Kolento was already down to 13 on his fourth turn. He ramped and ramped, but had nothing on the board. A Primordial Drake cleaned up most Hoej’s minions but left up a 7/2 Frothing Berserker and the Captain. A Spellbreaker from Hoej answered the drake and ended the game on only his fifth turn.

Game three was a shaman mirror. Plenty of totems littered the board early on but it was Hoej who stuck the first Thing From Below. He maintained the advantage with double Flametongue Totem clearing his opponent’s board. Kolento was left having to play a naked Dopplegangster on his turn five. With 11 power already in play, Hoej took his time, burned some rope, and decided to cast Bloodlust, pushing 23 damage, ignoring the potential six-drops on Kolento’s side of the board. Kolento was forced to use a defensive Bloodlust, but was left on a precarious-looking seven life. Hoej had a pair of Jade Lightnings in his hand and with no way for Kolento to heal, it was Hoej who took home the title of HCT Spring Champion.

Michael “Zechs_” Radford
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