”Knights of the Frozen Throne” likely to be the next Hearthstone expansion

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There is less than 24 hours to go before the official stream announces the next Hearthstone expansion. But it would appear that the Chinese site have spoiled the theme already, with redditors finding a part promoting the next expansion as “Knights of the Frozen Throne”.

The artwork is quite authentic and there can be little doubt of its validity.

There had already been rumors and small tidbits suggesting that the next expansion was going to feature Icecrown but this is the first concrete evidence.

Icecrown features tons of undead and of course the titular character of the Warcraft franchise, Arthas, the Lich King. This will not be the first instance of the undead scourge that Hearthstone has seen, as this was also the theme of the very first adventure ”Curse of Naxxramas”. But Kel’thuzad was just a servant of the Lich King. A small taste compared to the full course we are getting now.

It is important to remember that this expansion will be the first “Hybrid” set, both featuring a full sized expansion but also featuring a single player adventure providing rewards. These rewards are not specific cards from the set, and for this reason the adventure has also been reported to be of significantly higher difficulty.

The announcement stream goes live from the Hearthstone spring championship in Shanghai tomorrow at 10 am local time, that is later today 7 PM PDT for the Americans and 4 AM CEST tomorrow for the Europeans. Tough luck for Europeans, but that is the nature of Chinese events.


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