Seat Story Cup: Grand Final recap

Posted by Tim "Fatal1tim" Masters at 26 June 2017 15:45
After all the action, it came down to just two players, Mitsuhide and Ostkaka, but only one could leave as Seat Story champion. Article by Michael Radford.
The series started off with Ostkaka’s Pirate Warrior facing Jade Druid from Mitsuhide. The Druid looked to have a good started, getting its Jades going early while managing to Ooze a Fiery Waraxe. A Fandrel/Wrath combination kept the board relatively clear but Warrior continued to pile on the pressure. The Druid had to play reactively and was unable to keep up with the blistering pace, putting Ostkaka up 1-0.
Mitsuhide queued up his Mage deck next and manage to slow his opponent much more efficiently. The Mage had much better answers to the Pirates, while Ostkaka had a less powerful draw that in the previous game. He was able to pop Mitsuhide’s first Iceblock but a defensive Alexztrasza was enough to prompt the concession from Ostkaka.
Ostkaka put up Big Druid for game three, but it was Mitsuhide who got off to an aggressive start with minions on each of the opening three turns. Druid stabilized in the middle turns and opted to drop a Cairne into Mitsuhide’s Doomsayer to stay ahead on-board. A ramped-out Y’Shaarj put the Druid really on the front font, and suddenly Mage was looking at a handful of burn, trying to figure out if he could burn out the his opponent before he died. Nightmare from Ysera, combined with Earthern Scales made the difference and gave the Druid enough room to close out the game.
Catch up on the VoD to see all the action
Murloc Paladin was up next for Mitsuhide but without a one-drop minion it was a mediocre start. Still, Druid is not great at playing on the back foot and the Paladin started to curve nicely into the mid-game. +1/+1 from a Gentle Megasaur helped to push a lot of damage on turn six. Ostkaka picked up a WIld Growth on the following turn and, with an empty side of the board, saw that the game was over.
Evolve Shaman was Ostkaka’s answer to the Murloc army and it seemed to be the right one in the early game. A Devolve turned Finja into Bloodhoof Brave and the game looked relatively even. Megasaur was only able to pick up taunt but Ostkaka’s draws were less than ideal against pure value from the Paladin. Ostkaka had to blow Bloodlust to clear a couple of taunts and that still left minions on-board to get buffed by a second Megasaur. Ostkaka managed to pull off a strong Doppleganster/Evolve turn but an Egg with Spikeridged Steed was too much to get through with no cards in hand for the Shaman.
Ostkaka went with Quest Rogue next and got off to a great start, keeping the Paladin’s board clear but making a slow start to the quest itself. Spikeridged Steed from Mitsuhide allowed Ostkaka to kill of his own Igneous Elemental and finally make a start on the quest. He finished it on turn eight after Vanish on the previous turn and, without an Equality, the series was heading for a deciding 7th game.
The final game of the series ended up being a Miracle Rogue mirror. Both players ignored their own quest in the opening turns, battling over board control instead. Mitsuhide took control of the board at the expense of killing his opponent’s Igneous Elemental, giving him a handful of Flame Elementals. It paid off, and it was Mitsuhide who actually finished his quest first while retaining a bigger board as well. Southsea Deckhand ended the series and gave Mitsuhide the 4-3 victory.

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