What are pros playing in TGT? A collection of decks from the popular streamers

Hearthstone Radoslav “Nydra” Kolev

Artwork by: Noodles

Now that TGT has just launched and is daisy fresh, find out what the likes of Kolento, Kripp, Trump, StrifeCro, Kibler and more are experimenting with.

This collection of decks has been gathered from pro player streams, community posts and tweets from professional players. We will keep it updated so that every day you have a new deck to build and try out.

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[Aggro] Gnimsh's Top 8 Legend Buff Druid
[Midrange] Firebat's Beast Druid
[Tokens] Reynad's Token Druid


[Midrange] Kolento's Lock and Load Hunter


[Control] StrifeCro's Dragon Grinder
[Control] Kibler's Dragon Mage
[Tempo] Amaz' Tempo Mage
[Tempo] Orange's Tempo Mage


[Aggro] Firebat's Aggro Paladin
[Aggro] Rdu's secrets Paladin
[Aggro] ThijsNL's secrets Paladin
[Aggro] Xixo's aggro Secrets
[Midrange] StrifeCro's Midrange Paladin
[Midrange] Trump's Midrange Paladin
[Midrange] Reynad's Midrange Paladin
[Midrange] Kripp's Midrange Paladin
[Midrange] Chaoshen's Inspire Paladin
[Midrange] ThatsAdmirable Secrets Paladin


[Control] Reynad's Dragon Priest
[Aggro] Noxious' Aggro Priest


[Mill] Kolento's Mill Rogue
[Aggro] Forsen's Aggro Rogue


[Midrange] StrifeCro's Totems
[Midrange] Amaz' Totems
[Midrange] Trump's Totems
[Midrange] Chaoshen's Totems


[Control] Forsen's Handlock


[Control] Orange's Dragons
[Control] Kitkatz's Control Warrior


Community sources:

Reddit post by /u/malero

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