Naiman released from Team Dignitas

Hearthstone Gosu “GosuGamers” Gamers


After Blizzard issued a permaban to Team Dignitas's Naiman today, Dignitas has decided to drop Naiman from their roster.

This morning, Blizzard issued Kazakhstanian player, Olzhas 'Naiman' Batyrbekov, a permanent ban for unstated reasons. A few hours later, Team Dignitas issued a statement announcing their decision to drop Naiman saying, "Today we decided to release our latest Hearthstone signing Olzhas 'Naiman' Batyrbekov...  Any form of impropriety undermines the basis of competition and eSports, and Team Dignitas does not tolerate this behavior for any of our players. Naiman has been released from his contract effective immediately."

This is a big blow to Naiman as the Kazakhstani was high in the European leaderboards for BlizzCon World Championship, regularly top of the ladder. With a top four placement at the recent Gfinity Masters I, he was also one of the players to watch in 2015. He is also the second player with a permaban on his account after Dan "Alchemixt" Walton was forced into retirement last week.

Blizzard has not disclosed the exact reasons behind the ban at this time, and updates will be provided as they are released.