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Hearthstone William “Clerik” Lovqvist

Earlier this week Reason gaming announced that they have formed a new hearthstone team. Together with the former professional SC2 player Jökull "Kaldi" Jóhannsson the team coach and lead player, we find the 20 year old Icelandic team manager Nikola 'Xavier' Milansson-Remic and also Kalle, Random and Ostkaka. 

Kaldi who has switched from professional SC2 to Hearthstone said following during an interview this week. 

"There were multiple reasons for me switching games, firstly I had moved back to Iceland from Switzerland since there were no major upcoming tournaments. I had resumed my studies in the university and for StarCraft 2 you need to play around 5 hours each day which is both physically and mentally draining. Hearthstone requires practice as well but isn't as intense so it worked better with my studies. The second reason was that the management of the Hearthstone team wasn't there enough and the team was going to go nowhere without me."

Reason gaming is known for being one of the oldest organizations when it comes to eSports and are aiming on becoming the strongest European team but first and foremost they are aiming at taking part in constructed tournaments. 

 "The aim is to focus on Constructed tournaments first and foremost and then become the strongest team in Europe skill-wise which I think we can definitely obtain. - Jökull "Kaldi" Jóhannsson

Reason Gaming hearthstone team roaster :

Iceland Jökull "Kaldi" Jóhannsson
Germany Christian "Kalle"  Feldhusen
Germany Tobias"Kunzi" Kunzweiler
Germany Dominic"Random" Fahnert
Sweden Sebastian "ostkaka" Engwal

Source: Reason Gaming

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