Singify and BOOM ID drop in the PVP Esports Championship

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Signify and BOOM ID lost their chances to compete further in the first LAN event after the international 8, the PVP Esports Championship.

After the TI8 concluded in August, we witnessed the Roster-Shuffle and some qualifiers such as , the Kuala Lumpur Major, DreamLeague Season 10 Minor and ESL One Hamburg 2018. Today was the start of the first LAN event in the new season hosted at the Suntec Convention Centre in Singapore - PVP Esports Championship.

The teams were separated into two groups after the group stage qualifiers been played to bring the nine participated teams down to six. The first day ended without any big surprises.

Group 'A' group-stage playoffs:

Today the group-stage playoffs for the PVP Esports Championship started with Team Fnatic and Team Secret fighting in a Bo1 showdown that ended in a resounding win for the SEA squad. For them, this was just the start as they insured their dominance with a second win vs the Indian team Signify which put them on top of the group. Here Team Secret took the dust off their clothes after the first loss they've suffered to make a come back in the second game. Thus, securing themselves a 2nd place in the group, knocking Signify out of the competition as they ended up to be the last seed in the group.

Group 'B' group-stage Playoffs: 

On the other hand, Group 'B' kicked off with the Indonesian squad BOOM ID facing the TI8 Runner-up team PSG.LGD Surprisingly, the game was to a certain point an equal match - or even in BOOM's favor until the Wang "Ame" Chunyu Morphling stepped in and salvaged the situation for PSG.LGD. After a bad Roshan fight for BOOM losing all five heroes, the game was decided. Ame's Morphling was so great to a point where he's been nominated twice as the MVP of the match since he played the 2nd game for LGD with the same fashion leading them to the top seed of the group.

BOOM and Team Admiral fought the deciding elimination match. The Admirals of the SEA sunk the Indonesian-players ship in a one-sided match destroying their dreams of continuing the Singapore adventure. Admiral advanced to the semi-finals along with the three big names Fnatic, PSG.LGD and Secret.

PVP Esports Championship Info: 

Stage 1: Group Stage qualifiers

  • Bo1 round robin
  • Top three teams each group advance to 'stage 2'
  • Bottom three teams each group will be eliminated

Stage 2: Group Stage playoffs

  • Two groups each group three teams
  • Top two teams each group advance to 'stage 3' 
  • Bottom team each group will be eliminated

Stage 3: Single elimination playoffs

  • Advanced four teams will play in a single elimination bracket
  • Semi-Finals are 'Bo3'
  • Finals are 'Bo5'

Can Team Admiral pull a surprise in the semi-finals ?

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  • Chrixs "Chrixs" Rimaz ,
    "The Admirals of the SEA sunk the Philippine-players ship in a one-sided match destroying their dreams of continuing the Singapore adventure. " Admiral Dota hails from the Philippines.


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