TnC scorch Vici Gaming Reborn in the first TI6 elimination match

Dota 2 Geoffrey “SophoS” Magdziasz

TnC played conservatively early, but amplified the aggression when Terrorblade came online. TnC left very little time for Vici Gaming Reborn to breathe in the later minutes as they took the first victory in the best of one round and thus sent Reborn packing.

TnC drafted a safe lane Terrorblade backed by a rarely seen Silencer support. Vici Gaming Reborn elected to draft a heavy ranged lineup centered around Storm Spirit, Axe and Weaver on the core roles. Axe opted to begin the game in the jungle, leaving the Vici Gaming Reborn off lane vacant.

The laning phase started poorly for Sam ‘Sam H’ Hidalgo on the Batrider, feeding away three early kills before retreating to the jungle. TnC replied by rotating into the Dire jungle to disrupt Axe’s farm consequently finding a kill on the Vengeful Spirit. Batrider was able to utilize the space efficiently by returning to lane. Vici Gaming Reborn clearly wished to slow down the TnC farm by choosing to fight as frequently as possible. Over aggression on several occasions allowed TnC to find several kills on key heroes in response as both teams dug in for the mid-game.

After 19 minutes in the game TnC smoked with Batrider’s newly acquired blink dagger finding a vulnerably Mirana support. Not the big pick-off they were hoping for, but it would suffice. Shortly following the gank, Vici Gaming Reborn smoked into the Roshan pit where they were instantly contested by TnC. Bad positioning cursed TnC as they lost the Tinker and Elder Titan, reopening the Roshan attempt for Reborn where this time it was not contested. Aegis did not last long as a smoked TnC squad caught the Storm Spirit at the bottom rune, killing him twice, before a skirmish broke out in the Radiant jungle. The skirmish netted the TnC squad positive results, allowing the Terrorblade farm to multiply over the Vici Gaming Reborn cores. TnC began hitting away at the top tier two of the Dire. Reborn sprinted to retaliate where the fight started splendidly for them finding kills on Batrider and Silencer. Then Terrorblade happened. Marc ‘Raven’ Fausto cleared all Reborn heroes including a Storm Spirit Bloodstone suicide to cap off the team wipe.

Immediately after respawning, a fight ensued at the Roshan pit once again where Vici Gaming Reborn were thwarted in another team fight. Reborn managed to snipe the last hit on Roshan but aegis was picked up by Batrider. The rest of the Reborn heroes were properly mopped up. While looking to push, TnC spotted out a Weaver with no back up. The pick created an opportunity to push high ground. With two lanes of barracks claimed and yet another team wipe, Vici Gaming Reborn called ‘GG’ midway through the 36 minute mark. A shout out is required for Jimmy ‘Demon’ Ho whose draft and Silencer play created chaos with Global Silence. TnC was able to make it through the best of one round with a very impressive victory.

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  • Ranel "frost3390" Cator ,
    No doubt OG is a stronger Team than TnC but TnC already fight them once and I'm sure they will use this experience to beat OG. But this one will be one of their hardest game. They need to overcome this obstacle to prove their strength and boost up the morale of Filipino Gaming Community. Also if TnC beat OG it would be the greatest upset in TI6. Good Luck TnC and OG
  • Nate "iklogakhakdog" River ,
    Chinese teams slayer confirmed.
  • Joven "jovenr" Ramos ,
    And the minimum wage is $1900 per year , would you believe that ?
  • Joven "jovenr" Ramos ,
    No, its actually $775 per year the minimum wage . . Because some people there , they work for $2 a day , but with free food and drink everyday already , which is not bad , considering how life works there
  • jones "death_merchant" bridge ,
    wow, didn't expect this one. Way to go TNC. Good luck!


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