Shadow - Wings Gaming Interview: “ We don’ t feel our form is good yet”

Dota 2 Andreea “divushka” Esanu

We had the pleasure of talking with Wings Gaming’s carry Shadow a day after the TI6 groups stage. Wings did advance into the upper bracket with a couple of clear 2-0 victories, but still don’t seem to be fully satisfied with how the team performed overall.

The International 6 group stage was “so and so” for Wings Gaming as their carry, Chu 'shadow' Zeyu said to us a day after the games ended. For the Chinese team that got everyone’s attention with their constant good performance through the year, to qualify and then advance into the TI6 Main Event upper bracket was more than expected. However, in our interview after the group stage with Chu "shadow" Zeyu, the carry player of Wings expressed his concerns about their current form. “Of course we are extremely happy for the upper bracket seed but to be honest our performance here so far was just so and so” he said.

Of course, Wings being the team known for playing the most heroes through an event, we couldn’t miss the chance of discussing the meta a bit.  More details in the interview below.

The interview was conducted a day after the TI6 group stage by Jodi "PizzaDog" Odgers

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Is Shadow right to be worried about their performance in the group stage?

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