Second invite to Nanyang Championships goes to Evil Geniuses

Dota 2 Andreea “divushka” Esanu

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Following the announcement of the defending Champions Team Secret returning for the second season of Nanyang Championships, Evil Geniuses are the next to receive a direct invite for this year’s event.

Evil Geniuses will participate for the first time at the Nanyang Championships, a tournament that is scheduled to be held at the beginning of July in Shanghai, China. The event has gained extra importance, as the dates mean it is the last chance for the teams to challenge and test each other in an official competitive environment before The International 6.

Several changes have been made for the second iteration of Nanyang, starting with the location of the LAN event and including the number of attending teams and the length of the tournament.

With the event moving from Singapore to Shanghai, the number of participants at the Nanyang Championships Season 2 has been reduced from ten to eight, while the main event will now be held across five days rather than a week, from 6th to 10th of July.

From the eight participating teams four will come via direct invites while the other four will be winners of regional qualifiers.

So far Team Secret and Evil Geniuses are the first two teams to be announced as direct invites and with the organizers planning to invite a team from each region we expect the next two teams to come from South East Asia and China.


Who do you expect to receive the SEA direct invite?

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  • ronald "adlanor" morata ,
    MVP for SEA Region..RIP fanatic...rip cp33
  • Aoi "alkermes" Kasuga ,
    Meanwhile Secret is...
  • Mr "soly" Soly ,
    so 2 invites wasted... to complete fail circle, invite alliance and LGD ahahahahahahaha
    • Majid "misterluve" Ali ,
      wasted? really? u want Alliance over EG? secrekt is shit but EG got 3rd place almost in every tournament after ti!
  • Number 1 "clariska" of Number 99 ,
    ^so much hate tbh look at the circle that you speak off.Aui didnt play carry for how many years?Yet his still doing pretty good.Universe only plays 4 heroes.What if one of those teams took the championship?You gonna look like an idiot :D
    • Mr "soly" Soly ,
      too bad that u already do look like an.... next time put reply and not normal comment trying to be unnoticed by calling some1 idiot...
  • Danny "BySG" Nguyen ,
    cp33 LUL
  • alim "alstyle" nur rohman ,
    why secret is firstly invited? LOL
    • kim "keiEm" martos ,
      they are the defending champ, does it satisfy you?


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