Newbee secures their spot for Manila Major

Dota 2 Andreea “divushka” Esanu

Newbee is the first uninvited team to claim their spot in the last Major of the season, having come through qualification without dropping a single game.

EHOME was the last team to crumble under the Newbee domination in the Chinese qualifiers, losing the grand finals without putting up more than a token resistance.

The first game of the series was a one sided battle where Newbee was in the lead from the laning stage until the end of the game.  Chen 'Hao' Zhihao’s signature Spectre finished with a personal K/D/A of 9-0-17 while the front line initiator, Tidehunter, had an inventory stacked with an Octarine Core, Refresher, and Guardian Greaves on top of his Blink Dagger.

EHOME was crushed in the second game in spite of an extremely greedy draft from Newbee featuring a Lifestealer, Alchemist, and Queen of Pain who had to stay in the offlane. With two Aghanim’s Scepters finished in the span of one minute by Alchemist, Newbee went for the enemy Ancient before the 30 minute mark and took down the entire base with two extremely clean high ground pushes.

Either in defeat or a last resort tactic, EHOME chose Tiny as their third pick followed by Techies, and left Daryl Koh 'iceiceice' Xiang to mine the battlefield. The Toss-Suicide combo yielded first blood and a second kill for EHOME but that was all that they achieved in the entire game.

A rather clowny finish from EHOME enabled Newbee to take the clean 3-0 victory and join Vici Gaming Reborn, Wings Gaming, and LGD Gaming in their quest to represent Chinese Dota at Manila Major from 7th to 12th of June in Manila, Philippines.


After displaying such dominance in the qualifiers, do you think Newbee should have been directly invited?

Thank you for voting!
Thank you for voting!
Andreea “divushka” Esanu
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  • Wei "joshevan" Li ,
    Congrats to Newbee! They deserve this.
  • Ste "holypepsi" A ,
    great to see newbee in good form. its a bit sad not seeing ehome in Manila.
  • zhang "colstaray" zhang ,
    Newbee just ran over all others China teams. Valve successfully makes all China teams but Newbee hating LGD now.
  • Hassan "Imnotgonnawin" Jamal ,
    Congrats To Newbee But sad For Ehome If LGD Fails To deliver Then its not fair to Ehome :)
  • Number 1 "clariska" of Number 99 ,
    Wp by NB well deserved but really gg.net?Are this the quality of an important match?Even Mnsk's Articles better and they are trash compared to NB.....Really STOP being TS suck ups ffs...
    • Joseph "Sirohige" Chang ,
      This happened too many times. This "divushka" guy is so horrible, no high-quality report at all. GG.net, plz.
    • Ng "Radical85" ,
      Seriously, not even showing ban or picks of any games. Who is playing which heroes. At least show us end game scores? WTF HAPPENED TO GG.NET This author divushka is consistently BAD in writing report. Please do something.
    • Max "Zeqial" B ,
      Gotta agree with you Clariska. Pretty fucking pissweak.
  • zack "zackmei" mei ,
    I just wanna say: TOLD YOU! VALVE! All Quals in one regions should be relatively on the same level to compete that single slot in the Major. Because that's what Quals means if they were not get invited. But newbee's performances was just completely rampage. it's totally not fair to other teams. i can see four China teams meet in final 8 this time. safe bet.
  • Desp "magpa" Desp ,
    grats NewBee! feels like TI4 all over again! can't wait to see you here in Manila


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