Interview with Swindlezz: "The Chinese teams just don't try, just don't care"

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After their victory against LGD, compLexity's manager Kyle 'Beef' Bautista conducted an interview with his team captain Kyle 'Swindlemelonzz' Freedman about the team's condition and the problems encountered during the event. The interview is full property of compLexity Gaming organization and it was posted on their youtube channel

The interview started with the usual questions regarding the team's condition and how Kyle 'Swindlemelonzz' Freedman was feeling after winning against LGD. This is a transcript of the interview after the introduction.

You have talked about the glue, the smell, fumes, that kind of stuff, how was it in the booth?

It just doesn't smell great, I don't really notice [the smell]. It doesn't affect me too much, but it is hot as balls [in the booths]. I think that was a sensory overload, we were so hot, we were dripping with sweat, to the point where it was getting into my eye and I had to [use my hands] to brush [the sweat off]. Honestly it feels like a real sport now, we were hugging in the post-game and we were just drenched.

Speaking about sensory overload, they [Perfect World] added white noise [to the booths] as well, did that solve the sound proving issues for you?

It's pretty much what TI was, in the sense that you can only hear the loud roar, you don't hear specific things. It’s like mumbled but if it wasn't loud enough or if it’s too low, you could very easily hear the Chinese casters. If your headset's off, you can hear them pretty easily and I don't think that's how it should be, but at least, you know, you keep your headset on - well - no one would understand except for most of Fnatic, its ok but it’s an interesting set up.

All of China is gone, you had made some predictions about them being lazy, you feel a bit vindicated now that this has actually happen?

I think this is something that I have been stating for quite some time, I'm pretty sure I went on Around the Pit with Toffees and I think that I said that no more than two Chinese teams will make top eight, he and Charlie strongly disagreed. I just generally feel that work ethic takes you longer [a longer way] than talent or experience and the Chinese teams just don't try, just don't care. Especially here, on your home turf, I just feel like they aren't taking enough pride in what they do, there's a lot of people who work really hard for over a decade that put in a lot time so that eSports [becomes popular]...you can now say you're a professional video game, and people would be like "wow, really, that's so cool!", ten years ago, you get a snicker and "when are you going to get a real job". I feel like we own it not just to yourself and to your fans and family but the people who created these opportunity for you and me...you got to at least put on a good show.

Did you feel that when they [the teams] didn't show up for the opening ceremony, was that failure to put on a good show?

Oh, definitely, that's so disrespectful. The reason it wasn't even mandatory - I'm fairly certain - was they didn't want to go. Really? Now that you've made your couple of million dollars and you're set and secure you're going to pretty much flip off everyone that supported you when you were nothing? It's like a huge slap in the face, especially in your home arena, it’s unreal to me...but I don't want to continue, I'd say more but...

Do you think this [no Chinese teams remaining] is a wakeup call for the teams? Do you think they are going to take this as a catalyst to improve on things they failed to do so previously?

I would hope so, I think a big part of it is allowing new talent to shine, there are certainly hard working Chinese players; there are hardworking players in every region. It's a bit of an oligopoly that has formed in the Chinese scene where ACE and a couple of clubs control everything. So you know at every TI, even though the players are different, there's going to be your EHOMEs, LGDs, DKs, CDECs, [CDEC is] obviously an up and coming team but they are unique in that they were not part of the old guard. You have these organizations that have all the money and all the power and they say, as an example, Maybe - he was with the youth team - "Hey Maybe, come play with us" "OK" [Maybe's reply]. There's no comradery, he just  ditched and CDEC have to replace him and they have Shiki now. It's not organic, you can’t have growth with that system in place, where you have old players retire and they re-join the scene and they're just like "hey you guys, come play with me now" and that worked in the past where people weren't good enough and they were of significantly higher skill, but now everyone's very even and a lot of it is how hard are you training, what's your comradery and synergy with your teammates like and how well do you prepare for the event.

Today you're not feeling super-hot [Swindlezz has a flu], how are the rest of the team doing managing the "Chinese plague" as we called it?

We've all dealt with LAN flu before, it’s probably number 20+ for all of us, I’m just going to take a bunch of Adaprofine [Editor's note: It seems to be some sort of flu medicine, I could not find its exact name and spelled it based on what I heard], I think everyone else is feeling ok, I think I’m [feeling] the worst, so [I am] cool with that. Hopefully we all bring the hype and [it] should be ok, it's just, it's really unpleasant, everything is just so unpleasant, argh...I just, I just want to go home.

Limmp has been voted MVP twice on Tiny, are you expecting to get Tiny again today?

Possibly, I'm not very sure, it'll be interesting because we've mostly been picking - I'm not going to be going into detail about strategies - if people start banning Tiny, it'll open up a lot of things we could start picking. We have a bunch of strategies we haven't revealed and a lot of meta stuff that we are practiced with and think are very strong. LGD did exactly what we expected, you just can't pick certain things against first pick earth spirit but we'll see what happen, I think no matter what we'll be comfortable.

There’s a bit of history between the players [on coL] and Alliance, do you feel the stakes are higher for them to do something?

I always look at the odds, I obviously can't gamble cause gamer, but I love to look at the odds and just think about it. I think they've [Alliance] got like 80%+ to win, to you guys [the win] is money but they certainly have way more fans - I think Loda is the most popular, if not the top three most popular in Dota - and they just won Starladder and they've won a TI, they're the big guys, we're just nobodies talking all this smack. At this point I feel like we've nothing to lose, but obviously, we're going to try and win.

Do you like going in as an underdog?

Love it. I’m trying to savour it, in truth, in a few month's i won't ever get to do it again so got to enjoy it while it lasts.

Very big words, well we'll let you go back to the preparations Kyle, thank you very much for joining us.

surce: compLexity's youtube channel


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  • Thaqif "agreeTOdisagree" Teuku ,
    Adaprofine? Kinda sounds like Ibuprofen. Pain killer, but probably mixed with something as relief to flu and body pains. all medical sht aside, it's probably the Chinese New Year (THE holiday for them, not just a regular holiday) ruined their work ethic, hence, their poorer performance at this Major. I understand theyre not dominating as they used to, but no Chinese teams at top 8 is an eyesore. Definitely they will come back stronger.
  • Damien "brainiest" Zhou ,
    Being straight forward is sometimes good, being too 'understandful' and disrespectful may be not. I would thank swindle for some of his previous comments about Chinese dota, especially those about rotk. That guy does not play dota in a intelligent way or understand his own weakness, good to have big mouth like swindle who has gone straight forward and pointed that out. We all know kids like swindle in our own lives, living with dream, working hard, achieving something then thinking they understand everything and are ready to judge the rest of world. We might at certain period of life be them, and they are our NA boys, Chinese boys or European boys etc. Shoutout for your prediction after it comes true is rather easy, and it feels great. But I don't think 'no more than 2 Chinese teams in top 8' is a hard prediction for reasonable dota fans - vg was ok before the tourney, ehome seemed promising, all other teams have their significant weaknesses. Rotk is a good target for western fans I guess, maybe because he's not afraid of showing his poor English or he always writes down things, which can be translated into English to have a glimpse of Chinese dota or simply to have something to flame about, without using his brain. 'Rotk is good leader but he's lazy and not motivated and he represents majority of Chinese players', very nice way to look into Chinese dota right? I don't remember who's calling him leader during TI3. I don't think his so called shotcalling means much for vg in that pushing patch during TI4. Today is not the first day Chinese realize rotk is bad. Living in teamhouse as a western means you are hardworking. Then do you remember who have been living in teamhouse for years even after they signed streaming $3million contracts? Being beaten the shit out of them at their homecourt means they didn't even try or care. Then did NA even try or care during TI2, TI3, TI4? Do you know celebrities like 2009 forming young FTD teams to generate new blood? Or do you know newbee, ig etc all have their academy teams that competes in every qualifier? Do you know the team called Newbee.Y which attended last major after you finished 0-3-1 in groupstage? Or do you know Radiant & Dire Cup happened? Do you know Maybe played in LGD first, and was sent to the CDEC back then still LGD.CDEC to grow, suddenly he became someone left his brothers behind to play with some old famous trash? Chinese players don't start streaming or have their own life last month, and they still did ok during TI4 and TI5. Did burning or lanm come back and do harm to Chinese dota, are they not great players and still better than majority of other players? Saying something right about rotk doesn't mean saying everything right about rest of Chinese dota. Chinese don't say a lot doesn't mean they don't do anything and stop being god for the sake of this game.
    • Maru "BlitzKaiser" Unson ,
      he's not bashing the chinese teams but he's actually bashing the chinese player's attitude right now, he even wanted them to improve their game; Plz watch the video 1st before you talk
      • Damien "brainiest" Zhou ,
        Being a Chinese and normally blocked by GFW doesn't necessarily mean I didn't use tools to watch this video then commented. Swindle had a point, maybe many points. But like the comments said, you don't have to say everything going through your mind. Especially when being a dota celebrity (rofl) now, MAKING JUDGEMENT without actually understanding that thing is a very doubtful move, at least for me. Here comes a very western, especially American way of thinking, it's like 'I am trying to help you, why would be mad at me?' Do they really need your help or advice? Did you give it in a good way? I'm not here to judge swindle's behavior, I commented because he made very wrong judgement which may generate hatred or other bad things. Regardless this is the first time I've seen a sports player making such judgement about scene in other country, have any other respected player done that before? Teach me please. I am sure swindle understands very little of Chinese scene because he does not play dota for long, he has few relation with Chinese scene, he does not have a general view of our culture, and he does not speak Chinese. That's for sure before I even watched the video and proved after I did.
  • L "bebeLUVnardo" C ,
    Swindlezz is really so full of himself. So what if you are performing great right now? you have to pick your words or this is an editorial click bait? Well gotta love gosu writers then.
  • Choco "chococake" Cake ,
    Oh god, why do these American teams make it so hard for me to root for them. You don't have say everything that goes through your head. Especially when you have no knowledge of the situation. Just shut up instead of making accusations to justify your opinion. Seriously, how much does he really know about the Chinese scene, or the internal working of their teams. This doesn't necessarily mean he isn't right, but the fact is he doesn't know.
  • Frederik "archyo" A ,
    I kinda do believe he's right though. The fact that most of the Chinese teams didn't want to show up for the opening ceremony was just bullshit. Some of these players (western players too) just don't appreciate the opportunity they're given enough at all. I also believe these huge streaming contracts are hurting chinese dota. At any major in Europe, you will see all the western teams show up at the opening ceremony and interact with the fans who are making all this possible. Swindle is indeed cocky and arrogant but it doesn't change the fact that he does have a point to what he says, and people who just focuses on his arrogance and cockiness are just denying the truth. I think it's great we have player like him, who's not afraid to criticize or speak openly, many dota players are too excluded and you feel no relation to them.
    • Damien "brainiest" Zhou ,
      Let me tell you something. If a Chinese player is told by team or organizers 'you don't have to show up' then he won't. ACE or even teams can be rigid and stubborn setting unreasonable rules, that's China. It's an attitude thing because you think it is or other westerners think it is - 'it's happening in their country why do they seem to not care and didn't show up?' Pls be aware when you use phrase like 'he thinks', 'she wants to'. Don't try to be them. I did agree with you that swindle had a point, especially with rotk.
  • Ben "PineappleCake" Tan ,
    For anyone thinking about commenting about what is said in the interview, I would suggest watching the video first. I believe that a lot of the things said in the interview loses its intended meaning when put to text; especially in this case, where Swindlez changes tone quite frequently.
    • Maru "BlitzKaiser" Unson ,
      yeah this, i watched the video 1st before reading the Q&A ; He's actually right, he might not have the fullest of ideas of what actually going on with the chinese scene right now but his statements makes sense


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