James '2GD' Harding released from hosting duties at Shanghai Major

Dota 2 Andreea “divushka” Esanu

The second day in Shanghai, China started with yet another delay and escalated quickly with an unexpected announcement from the Major official host James '2GD' Harding saying he got fired after the second GSL match.

For the moment, neither Valve nor Perfect World released any official statement regarding the decision of firing James. Gosugamers tried to reach out to 2GD and other personalities from the Shanghai Major talent desk but we received no response as of yet.

The decision attracted a wave of reaction on the social media channels and reddit already has a “ 2GD "Yames" Harding Shanghai Drama Megathread”.

A few moments ago James '2GD' Harding announced that he will release a detailed statement later today.

Andreea “divushka” Esanu
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  • Johny "Shaze" Shaze ,
    Wow, i didnt have time to watch Shanghai Major so far, anyone knows why this happened?
    • reyan "reyancanoy13" canoy ,
      he did some trash talks against the admins
      • david "CiX" hess ,
        can you give an example of this?
        • henry "jln1" vuong ,
          there are rumors that this tournament has been host very poorly so far compare to other majors. The streaming, the hotels (not every team), make hosts dress professionally but the host company probably just treat the tournament as an advertisement for other games. James was the one who had bashed and honestly about that so thats why he was fired from being honestly in a brutal way that Chinese can't handle? Dont take my word but i guess its just the way he hosts. even though its not offensive to other but certainly not the Chinese. You are the judge tho haha
          • david "CiX" hess ,
            well i`m from EU west and since the livegames start at an awful time here, i have only seen very few games so far. but even those few games seemed to have some technical issues with pauses, then the stream sometimes went black or had to be delayed for some reason, and so on. so yeah, your explanation sounds reasonable, i cant wait until more details are revealed and the drama gets some more fuel :D
    • aldi "aldipes" pes ,
  • Sir "melvinwaaa" Friendzone ,
    I watched the whole first day but mainly on the client. Little bits of panel before the first match started. And rom what I watched, he did some trashtalking to the whole production and a little bit of friendly "whatever" vibe like he doesn't care and isn't updated with the scene. But from those of you who watched him host TI's 2 & 3, that's his personality. I dunno, maybe the admins didn't see it that way.
  • Johny "Shaze" Shaze ,
    Well, more money in tournaments and suddenly all have to wear suits and act professionally. I still like the old style more.
  • abc "eason29" abc ,
    He did trashtalked and use the word Fxxx , in my opinion served him rite. He should known better he have to be professional and do not complained bout stuff like this on screen. I do not see any valid points of ppl QQing bout the release.


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