Alliance in the grand finals of WCA 2015

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Alliance advance to the grand final of the WCA 2015 after defeating Wings Gaming 2-0 in the semi-final.

Alliance who defeated CDEC Gaming earlier this morning, in the quarter finals came on to face Wings Gaming who  are the main cause of Secret's premature exit from the tournament. Both these teams have so far had a greatrun so far in China and this was a match to look forward too as they both were fighting for a spot in the grand Final of WCA 2015.

Game 1

The game started with Wings Gaming going for more of a push strat kind of a draft with picks like Natures Prophet for Zhang ‘Bian’ Ruida  and Enchantress for Zhang ‘innocence’ Yiping. Wings Gaming also got their hands on the deadly Alchemist played by Zhou ‘bLink’ Yang and Bristleback for Chu ‘Shadow’ Zeyu. On the other end Alliance opted to stick with a more standard draft like the Gyrocopter for Jonathan ‘Loda’ Berg and a Slardar for Henrikh ‘AdmiralBulldog’ Akhenberg. Gustav 's4' Magnusson was able to pickup the signature Puck for himself and drafting a Chen for Joakim 'Akke' Akterhall.

As the game progressed it seemed pretty even for both the teams as their cores were able to find farm. Chen and the Enchantress had a little fight on their own with the converted neutral creeps being able to harass each other. Things started going out of hand for Wings when Alliance were able to find regular pickoffs. The early blink on both Slardar and Puck enhanced their initiation potential. Loda on the Gyrocopter was able to get himself several kills which put them way ahead of wings gaming. They were able to push out fast with the help of Chen’s converted creeps. After a point, Wings Gaming fell behind as their Alchemist and Bristleback were way behind in farm compared to Alliance’s cores. Aggressive 5 man plays and solid initiations helped Alliance secure game 1 of the series in a matter of 21 minute’s.

Game 2

After not being able to successfully execute the push strat, Wings gaming decided to stick with the meta picks. Wings were able to get their hands on the Gyrocopter and Viper for their cores bLink and Shadow. They also were able to get the deadly Night Stalker for the offlaner bian who has been an extreme threat and considering that Alliance play they vision game, a Night stalker was always going to be a problem. Alliance were able to get their hands on a few comfort picks one being the Batrider for s4 and the other one being Io for EGM. S4 also drafted the unorthodox safe lane Queen of Pain for AdmiralBulldog along with Sven for Loda.

Both teams were of to a solid start with cores being able to find their farm in the lanes although the harass from Viper and Tusk was troubling the Batrider in the mid lane. As the game progressed Wings Gaming were able to find some critical pickoffs closing the gap between the networth and experience. Once Loda on his Sven was able to purchase the Daedalus and Black King Bar things went bad for Wings Gaming. The relocate from Io along with the Sven just left Wings Gaming startled. Extreme damage output from the Sven and the Queen of Pain, Alliance was able to establish dominance in the team fights. Point on Lasso’s from s4 made it further difficult for Wings to engage properly in a team fight. The itemization from Viper and Gyrocopter of Wings looked extremely defensive which became an issue as there was no source of damage. The combination of Io Sven was unparalleled and was too much to handle beyond the mid game. Top Notch plays and proper utilization of the heroes helped Alliance win second game and the series in a comprehensive manner. This win also helped Alliance to secure a spot in the grand final of the WCA 2015 where they will be going head on against the Chinese Giants LGD.

Wings gaming had a convincing tournament as they were able to defeat top tire teams like Team Secret, Fnatic and Empire. They certainly showed the spectators that they have the potential to make an impact in the big scene. They will also play against Team Liquid for the third place which is set to happen before the grand finals later this sunday.

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