Post TI5 information: Valve to intervene in roster changes

Dota 2 Ben “PineappleCake” Tan

Even before The International 5 is over, information about the first Dota2 Major and Valve's new policy regarding teams have emerged.

Information regarding the first Dota2 Major and Valve's changing policy towards roster changes have emerged. Gosugamer's source, who prefers to stay anonymous, has stated that teams must have a stable roster starting from the 1st of September if they wish to be invited to the first Dota2 Major Championship held after TI5. It was also said that teams are going to be allowed 2 stand-ins.

Other information released by the source, points at Valve’s planning to play an active part in roster changes and that December 4th is a significant date - what it is significant for was not revealed.

Significance of moves made by Valve:

The approach taken by Valve towards the Dota2 scene now is in stark contrast to the "leave the game alone" approach held by Valve in the past few years.

The impact of this change in approach by Valve will most likely be highly beneficial to the Dota2 scene as their meddling in roster changes and the setting of stable roster datelines for teams before majors will ensure team stability and encourage sponsorships, making the Dota2 scene more professional.

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