MVP.Phoenix to represent SEA in Kiev

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The South-East Asian division of StarLadder Season XI has concluded and MVP.Phoenix emerges victorious, securing the third spot for the upcoming LAN finals in January.

MVP.Phoenix will once more return to Kiev as they take down Rave in the bo5 finals of the StarLadder Season XI finals. The Koreans had the winner's bracket advantage but conceded two losses against Rave early in the series, being down 1-2. But the team was able to turn it around and take two close games for themselves, securing their second participation in the LAN finals.

Upper Bracket

Lower Bracket

Round 1 - Best of 3

Round 2 - Best of 3


On January 15th, MVP.Phoenix is set to return to Kiev for yet another fight against the Western scene, following their participation earlier this year in Season 9. The Koreans were the expected favorite of this match-up, as they had safely secured themselves the winner's bracket seat. Rave on the other hand had to take down First Departure first and did so 2-1.

This concludes the South-East Asian division, leaving only the American and European. The American division is headed into tiebreakers, wheras the European division still has to play out the group stages. Two teams aside from MVP.Phoenix have already qualified; both are Chinese representatives, namely Invictus Gaming and CDEC-Gaming.

Headline image from the SLTV Facebook page.

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