UPDATE : TI5 Qualifiers will be held in May, clash with DreamHack resolved

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UPDATED - Valve announced that they have decided to hold the qualifiers of The International 5 during the last week of May 2015, to resolve the scheduling issues caused by the large amount of LAN events held in June 2015. The qualifiers no longer clash with DreamHack Summer.

Through another massive email towards tournament organizers, Valve announced that the TI5 qualifiers will be take place during the last week of May, two weeks before the original date they released last week. The change creates a large time window until June 13th, allowing any participants of the qualifiers to join DreamHack Summer as well. 


Through an email to tournament organizers, Valve confirmed that the TI5 qualifiers will take place in the second week of June 2015. The teams that wish to qualify for The International will be unable to participate in a DotA2 tournament included in DreamHack Summer, as the event is scheduled to take place from June 13th through 16th. 

Earlier this week, we wrote about the potential scheduling issues caused by the three major LAN events taking place in June 2015. The first of these events, DreamHack Summer (June 13th - 16th) may be in jeopardy, as Valve just announced that the TI5 qualifiers will take place in the same week. The company let the tournament organizers know about the date change through an email to every individual that has submitted a DotaTV ticket.

According to Valve's email, the second week of June (7th-14th) is reserved for the qualifiers of The International, and every team that wants to take a shot at reaching Seattle will be busy during the period. While teams may still be able to participate in both MLG and ESL One Frankfurt, it is very difficult for them to join any DotA2 tournament held at DreamHack Summer. No such situation occurred before the four previous Internationals, as the qualifiers usually take place earlier, around April-May. The change may force DreamHack not to include a DotA2 competition in DreamHack Summer for the first time in several years, unless they choose not to invite any team that competes in the qualifiers of TI5.


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