Three LAN events planned for 2015, may result in scheduling conflicts for participants

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The LAN events of MLG/joinDOTA League, DreamHack Summer and ESL One 2015 are all planned for June 2015, taking place in different locations around the world. If the schedule of these tournaments is not modified, many teams may be forced to forfeit their participation in certain events in order to properly prepare for The International.

The schedule for the three major LAN events MLG/joinDOTA League, DreamHack Summer and ESL One Frankfurt 2015 was announced earlier this week, and -as expected- they all conclude early in the summer. To be more specific, these are the dates included in the respective announcements :

Tournament Location Date
MLG Season 3  (rumored) United States June 26-28
DreamHack Summer Jönköping, Sweden June 13-16
ESL One Frankfurt 2015 Frankfurt, Germany

June 20-21


While the dates do not actually clash (a team could potentially participate in all three events), it is practically very difficult for a team to travel to Sweden, Germany and the United States in a matter of two weeks. The events also take place less than a month before the International 5, and the squads that will be travelling to Seattle will want to spend their time to prepare for the most important tournament of the year. Shall the dates remain as they currently stand, it will be fully understandable if a team decides to forfeit their spot in one of these competitions. It should be noted that the DreamHack organisation has yet to confirm a DotA2 tournament for the upcoming DreamHack Summer, but even if DotA2 is excluded from the event (highly unlikely), it will still not resolve the clash between MLG and ESL.

The exact same situation occurred in June 2014 as well. The announcement of the early launch of The International 4 required many tournament organizations to precipitate their LAN playoffs, resulting in an unprecedented clash between ESL One Frankfurt 2014, MLG Anaheim and DreamHack Summer 2014. To resolve the issue, MLG was forced to exclude DotA2 from MLG Anaheim, allowing the invited teams to have a time window between June 20th and June 22nd. Nevertheless, it seems that the three organizations have not learned from their mistakes.


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