Bimbo reunites with RR in Mineski

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As reported earlier this week, Mineski has now picked up their new official squad. In addition to the initially announced Johnny and JayJay, Mineski has now officially unveiled RR, Owa and Bimbo as the remaining players of their new team.

Following the downfall of Mineski and MSi EvoGT during the matchfixing scandal, Mineski has now announced their new roster. Ryan Jay 'Bimbo' Qui returns to Mineski after a quite successful adventure with Interactive Philippines Execration. Together with his former teammate Ralph Richard 'RR' Penano and with Joshua 'Owa' Del Serna they complete the new Mineski Dota 2 squad.

Earlier this week, Mineski had already announced Siong Tait 'Johnny' Lee and Jaysie 'Jayjay' Garan as the first two members of the new squad. 

Mineski had to remove their initial roster following the investigation of the matchfixing scandal in which players from all over the South-East Asian region have been implicated in matchfixing incidents. Mineski decided to start all over, dropped their whole roster and picked up a few of the most talented players up for grabs, much like Johnny, who has been able to compete at the top of the SEA region with numerous teams. 

New Mineski roster:

Philippines Jaysie 'Jayjay' Garan
Malaysia Siong Tait 'Johnny' Lee
Philippines Ryan Jay 'Bimbo' Qui
Philippines Joshua 'Owa' Del Serna
Philippines Ralph Richard 'RR' Penano

Source:, news & headline image courtesy of Mineski