UPDATE: Matchfixing scandal - two remaining players admit involvement as well

Posted by Sovann "Skim" Kim at 16 October 2014 19:00

UPDATE: The two remaining players under investigation have now come forward as well and admitted their involvement. Mineski and MSI have both issued investigations regarding the matchfixing scandal and six of the eight accused players have now come forward and admitted that they were in fact actively involved in matchfixing.


Mineski has updated their investigation and the two remaining players, Joven and Jotan, also have admitted their involvement in the matchfixing ring. A source however has told us that this is not the end and more players will be exposed in the coming days.



The investigation into the matchfixing scandal seems to have yielded results as six players have now come forward to admit their involvement in the match fixing. All six players have resigned from their respective teams and a penalty from both organizations awaits them.

The following players have come forward according to


Mark Anthony 'Jacko' Soriano
Richard 'Paseo' Minowa


Carlo 'Chin' Rivera
Mark 'Byb' Gavin
Denver 'yNd' Miranda
Patrick 'JyC' Pascua

The investigation continues, as two of the initially eight suspended players are still being looked into. It is also possible that more matches have been influenced, but for now, only three cases are public. Mineski vs. Immunity and vs. MSI, as well as MSI vs. Awake, all three of which were StarLadder matches that had no impact on the outcome of the tournament. GosuGamers can confirm that suspicious behaviour has been identified in all three of these matches, with accounts showing only a single placed bet on these certain matches with a high amount of keys withdrawn.